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Epson Develops a New 16-Bit RISC Controller That Achieves Universal Design with User-Friendly Interfaces for Display and Sound


Seiko Epson Corporation (“Epson”) has developed the S1C17801, a new 16-bit RISC controller that is ideal for applications such as healthcare equipment, sensor systems, alarms, household appliances (rice cookers, microwave ovens, remote controls, etc.) that require analog input, large-screen full-graphic LCD displays, and various types of interfaces. Volume shipments, with a monthly output of 500,000 units, are scheduled to begin in December 2007.

The special features of the new product are shown below. Please click for specifications.

Special features of S1C17801

1. High-Speed Operation and Large-Capacity Built-in Flash ROM

* 48 MHz high-speed operation
* Large-capacity 128 KB built-in Flash ROM

2. VRAM Equipped with Built-in STN LCD Controller

* Supports monochrome display with max. 16 gradations using FRM (frame rate modulation)
* 2 KB IVRAM (built-in VRAM)
o Capable of 1 bpp mode (2 shades) display on max. 120 x 120 dot LCD panel
o Can be accessed from both CPU and LCD controller through SRAM controller
* With UMA function, external SRAM can also be used as VRAM
o Capable of expansion to 4 bpp mode (16 shades) display on max. 320 x 240 dot (QVGA.) LCD panel
o 16-bit SRAM can be used on external VRAM (8-bit SRAM cannot be used)
o Can be accessed from both CPU and LCD controller through SRAM controller
* DMA function for built-in LCD driver on VRAM
o Display data can be transmitted to built-in LCD driver on VRAM without using software control each time

3. USB Function Controller

* Supports USB 2.0 full speed mode (12 Mbps)
* Supports autonegotiation function
* Equipped with programmable FIFO (1 KB)
* Can be used for firmware updates through USB

4. Supports Universal Audio I2S (Inter-IC Sound) Bus Interface

* Equipped with one channel for 24-bit resolution I2S output and one channel for 16-bit resolution I2S input
* Features 16 bit x 16 bit + 32 bit MAC (multiply-accumulate) circuit that makes audio processing easier
* Supports connection of external audio ADC/DAC and input/output of ADPCM audio data

5. Real-Time Clock That Operates on Independent Power Source

* Equipped with time (second, minute, hour) counter and calendar (date, day of the week, month, year)
* Wakeup output terminal and standby input terminal enable standby control making it possible to switch off main circuit power
* Supports occurrence of periodic interruptions

6. Battery Backup RAM

* Supports retention of general-purpose RAM (2 KB) when main circuit power is switched off

7. 16-Bit Multifunction Capture Timer/Counter

* Equipped with 16-bit PWM capture timer/counter
* Features high-current output (12 mA) controller that supports inverter controls such as IGBT (Also supports current surge protection linked to AD converters and external ports)

8. Infrared Remote Carrier Transmission Circuit

* Supports various carrier frequency settings
* Infrared LED driven directly by 8 mA output cell

9. Reduced Development Time for Customers

* Allows for preparation and immediate evaluation of development tools
* C compiler and instruction set with high level of code efficiency
* Compact, reduced-pin serial ICE
* Built-in Flash ROM (supports self-programming)

Epson plans to continue its efforts to respond to customer demands in this area by expanding its device lineup based on the following core technologies a low leak process to drastically cut current consumption during standby mode, an algorithm which significantly improves system power efficiency, and analog circuits that are optimally designed for low power consumption.


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