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Distribution To Internet News Readers


Distribute Your News Directly to Readers and Internet Search.

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Widespread Integration into Global News Publications

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Distribution To The Media

Targeted Media

Industry Specific to Reporters and Trade Publications

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Wire Service

Delivered Over News Wires Geographic & Topic Specific

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  • Nearly 100% integration into Google News.
  • Free placement of graphics, photos, video, anchor links, tags and much more.
  • Complimentary Syndication into business news websites, with proof of delivery.
  • RSS feed and social media integration (including Twitter and Facebook).
  • Fully Compliant with Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Immediate distribution available.
  • Permanently online.

Complimentary Syndication

Making news and press releases available for integration is the backbone of this form of publicity. Our complimentary syndication takes it several steps further. From general business sites, to specialty publications, WebWire commits resources to make your publicity investment pays off through this guaranteed syndication to online publications.

Proof of Delivery

WebWire customers deserve to know where their news and press releases end up online. Guaranteed syndication results with proof of distribution delivered by a downloadable clipping report accessible within the WebWire user interface.

  • Free WebPost Distribution


  • USA and International.
  • Enhanced Guaranteed Syndication to over 6,000 news websites.
  • Proof of distribution and Analytics.
  • Powered by WebWire and PR Newswire.
  • Includes Yahoo Finance, Google News, Bing News and other news sites.
  • Global News Outlets.
  • Free WebPost Distribution


  • Targeted Media Outlets
  • Narrowly distribute to reporters, trade publications and news outlets based upon your topic and their editorial focus.
  • Reach a reporter or news outlet that has an interest in your story.
  • Provides a recipient list to support follow-up.
  • Sent from an approved email address.
  • Powered by opt-in reporter registration and leading media databases.

Targeted Media Follow-Up

WebWire derives its media contacts from a combination of its internal media registration process and third party media directories. Restrictions placed by media participants (reporters and news outlets) and directory publishers preclude WebWire from providing reporter email addresses and voice/text numbers from being disseminated to its distribution clients. Therefore, the follow-up data WebWire provides subsequent to a Targeted Media distribution (delivered as a PDF via email) will include the news outlet name, relevant contact name (and title) along with potential audience reach associated with the news outlet.

  • Free WebPost Distribution


  • Wire Service Media Outlets
  • Distributed to active newsrooms in need of current content.
  • Includes related trade publications.
  • Local
  • State
  • Regional
  • USA
  • International
  • Topic Specific
  • Powered by PR Newswire

Where should your news go?

Direct To Online News Readers means your release is distributed to online news outlets and indexed by aggregators such as Google News, and Google, Yahoo and Bing search. Your news Drives Online Readers To Your Website.

Primarily To The Media means your release is distributed to publishers, reporters and broadcasters over a network that is acceptable to them. Press Releases can affect the media in a way that Gets The Media To Report About Your Efforts.

What Is Your Goal?
Drive Online Readers To Your Website
Get The Media To Report About Your Efforts
Features and Distribution WebPost® WebRelease® Targeted Media Wire Service
Free Registration        
Google News Integration        
Ported to Global News Aggregators        
Guaranteed Syndication to News Sites        
Proof of Distribution        
100% Compliant with Webmaster Guidelines        
Formatted for Categorized RSS Utilization        
Available for Global Top Level Domains        
Exclusive Social Media Feeds        
Rich Text Formatting (bold, italic, etc.)        
Create and Integrate Anchor Text Links (easily)        
Image Integration with Captioning (photo, logo, chart, etc.)   Optional   Optional
YouTube and Vimeo Video Integration        
Promotional Sub-headlines        
Promotional Quotes        
Designate Keywords as Metadata        
Create Category Associations        
Store Release Drafts        
Schedule Distribution        
Immediate Distribution Available        
Search Engine Optimized        
Twitter Hashtag (#) Integration        
Content Edited By Skilled Staff        
Sophisticated User Interface        
Easy Step-By-Step Submission        
Complete Analytics        
Edit Active Releases        
Categorized RSS Feeds        
Releases Are Accessible and Searchable Indefinitely        
Deliver Breaking News        
Enhanced Syndicated Distribution        
Enhanced Proof of Delivery        
Deliver News To Targeted Media Lists        
Asian News Site Placement        
UK News Site Placement