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Targeted Media

Industry Specific to Reporters and Trade Publications.

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Targeted Media Follow-Up

WebWire derives its media contacts from a combination of its internal media registration process and third party media directories. Restrictions placed by media participants (reporters and news outlets) and directory publishers preclude WebWire from providing reporter email addresses and voice/text numbers from being disseminated to its distribution clients. Therefore, the follow-up data WebWire provides subsequent to a Targeted Media distribution (delivered as a PDF via email) will include the news outlet name, relevant contact name (and title) along with potential audience reach associated with the news outlet.

Targeted Media Distribution is just that, a "distribution" effort, not the purchasing of some out-of-date media list. WebWire and our partners have committed staff that keep the lines of communications open with each categorized grouping of topic specific influencers. When you choose this distribution option for your press release, you will receive an email receipt providing you with the most up-to-date listings of what media outlets are targeted to receive your news submission. Subsequent to distribution, you will receive a confirmed list of media outlets, topic specific reporters and bloggers so you can follow-up and see if they are considering your news for their reporting efforts.

Personally contacting those who received your press release begins your Media Relations effort. Once the door has been opened in a professional manner, follow-up in a way that helps you to get your story into their publication.

Note: If your press release is intended for immediate consideration by news outlets such as daily and weekly publications (plus broadcasters) you should utilize WebWire´s Wire Service Distribution, in that it goes directly into a systems that expects time specific news that is best made public in short order. In other words: “breaking news” is best for Wire Service; and news that is less time-specific, should utilize the media relations approach of Targeted Media.

Media Relations

Media Relations is a concerted effort by individuals and organizations to bring about positive reporting from the media (conventional, trade and online publications plus broadcasters, freelance reporters as well as bloggers). Media Relations often begins with a well written press release, created and distributed by the originator of the message (or marketer). Of the "4Ps of Marketing" - Product, Price, Place and Promotion (generally advertising and public relations) this aspect of marketing (Promotions in this case) begins a two-way communications between the influencer (the media) and the marketer, with a goal of positive notoriety without the costs and lower credibility of paid advertising, and a media sensibility that presents the marketing message in an appropriate manner.