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Frequently Asked Questions


How long has WebWire been on the Internet?

Predating many of its competitors, was established in 1995, launched in 1997 and in 2004 Internet users positioned WebWire as a leading provider of news and press release distribution services. WebWire was one of the first news and press release services indexed by Google News, and by direct contact with Google, our service helped establish compliance guidelines within the emerging standards for this innovative approach to content aggregation.

Why Registration is Required?

A news or press release is a two-way communications and an integral part of online publicity. In order to provide readers with your business, organizational or personal message, with the highest degree of credibility, your contact information must be accurate and pertain to your subject matter.

Please register, and note that the data submitted during registration does not mean that it is automatically the contact information within a news or press release submission. In other words, you may enter your agency name upon registration with WebWire, but during the submission process, you will have an opportunity to enter your client´s contact data.

Do you write releases?

WebWire provides templates and tutorials for your well written release, but we do not provide writing services at this time. Should you desire consulting services or other support for your online news and press release efforts, contact us.

Submission Process

How do I get started?

WebWire distributes your well written business, organizational and personal news releases and press releases on and over the Internet to interested news readers, as well as the media, and it all begins with your free registration.


Where does my release go?

Direct To Internet News Readers (WebPost and WebRelease): For as long as there has been a Google News, WebWire content has been indexed at nearly 100%. Additionally, our news has been picked up by RSS (syndication) recipients (bloggers and emerging news publications), and is hardwired into many business news sites and includes a proof of delivery. More recently, WebWire news has been fully integrated into Social Media including Twitter and Facebook.

Direct To The Media (Targeted Media Distribution and Wire Service Distribution) produces the highest degree of credibility when using press releases as a form of publicity. Getting a reporter to write about your efforts, in their own words, can produce a very large return on investment.

Targeted Media Distribution is a narrowly focused press release distribution strategy, powered by the most up-to-date media directory, that reaches out to topic specific media and media outlets (mostly trade publications and reporters). Prior to purchase, you can review the targeted publication names to help determine which approach is best for your topic. This approach is very focused and is meant to begin a relationship with the recipient (sometimes known as media relations) and may include a detailed delivery report comprising reporter names, their corresponding titles and news outlets.

Wire Service Distribution delivers your press release to media outlets via established wire services directly into their centralized newsroom operation (similar to the Associated Press). What this means is you reach reporters in their active news environment where they more apt to include your topic in their time sensitive reporting.

While Targeted Media Distribution is a focused approach when wanting to reach topic specific media, Wire Service Distribution is designed to broadly reach weeklies, dailies, periodicals, online, broadcasters, etc. within their active newsroom. Wire Service content travels along the same distribution network as Associated Press (AP), Reuters, United Press International (UPI), Agence France-Presse (AFP) and a host of others, and Targeted Media content is usually delivered via email.

How long will my release remain online?

Your press releases will remain available on WebWire, driving traffic to your site, until you decide to remove them from our service.

Will my release be in Google News?

We cannot guarantee placement, but WebWire can boast nearly 100% of our stories are searchable within Google News. Additionally, we undertake efforts with each article to enhance the high quality of our content so WebWire, as a news source, delivers more relevance (organic search results) when topics are searched within both news aggregation sources such as Google News and global search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Additionally, we provide a Search Optimized online environment (including keywords, anchor text, tags, social media links, etc.) to help get your news indexed by the algorithms that determine content worthy of indexation.

Overall, keep in mind that news and press releases are a more than a century old practice. Each story is clearly identified as a release, promoting transparency for this form of publicity, and helping to clearly identify WebWire content as articles worthy of interested readers.

What if I want conventional or social media to write about my efforts?

WebWire´s online offerings (WebPost and WebRelease) build a “searchable” presence for your message and ultimately drive traffic to your Website. Keywords, and keyword strings (within your well written release), along with applicable (and Webmaster compliant) links, videos and graphics, educate the Search algorithms about your message and where to “learn more”.

When wanting to reach influencers (conventional and social media), take advantage of the foundation you built with a high quality online presence and get them to report about you, in their own words - the highest credibility you can get for your marketing message.

WebWire’s Targeted Media Distribution, delivers your press release to topic specific media in that manner that they choose (typically email) and is powered by the most mature and advanced media database available (PR Newswire’s Agility database).

Take it a step further, and reach out to the media within their day-to-day reporting efforts, is accomplished by WebWire’s Wire Service Distribution. This method of press release distribution delivers message along side daily news feeds such as the Associated Press.

Please note: Wire Service is about immediacy, while Targeted Media concerns building relationships with the reporters.


What is your content policy?

WebWire Content Policy.

Payments and Billing

What payment methods do you accept?

WebWire accepts payment in US dollars (USD) via credit card and PayPal. Services are on a per submission basis.

What is your refund policy?

Public Relations is a marketing technique that raises awareness regarding your business, organizational or personal endeavor amongst news readers. WebWire provides news and press release distribution services that are an integral part of this nearly century old publicity effort.

News and press releases remain relevant because they follow a widely accepted format. WebWire staff must review each submission to make sure that they adhere to this format. Once a release has been reviewed, resources have been spent on the part of WebWire, therefore refunds generally cannot be provided.


What is the difference between WebWire and PR Newswire?

For over a decade, WebWire has been fortunate to work closely with PR Newswire. Wire Service Distribution is exactly the same as you would get if you completed membership with PR Newswire. Targeted Media Distribution is supported by PR Newswire, but is a unique offering from WebWire´s pioneering efforts dating back to 1997.

News release services that bypass the media and go directly to online news readers (WebPost and WebRelease) are trademarked services, and are unique to WebWire.

Media Relations

Media Relations is a concerted effort by individuals and organizations to bring about positive reporting from the media (conventional, trade and online publications plus broadcasters, freelance reporters as well as bloggers). Media Relations often begins with a well written press release, created and distributed by the originator of the message (or marketer). Of the "4Ps of Marketing" - Product, Price, Place and Promotion (generally advertising and public relations) this aspect of marketing (Promotions in this case) begins a two-way communications between the influencer (the media) and the marketer, with a goal of positive notoriety without the costs and lower credibility of paid advertising, and a media sensibility that presents the marketing message in an appropriate manner.