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MRPRO puts REACH applicability evaluation within easy reach for article makers


San Jose, CA, Oct 30, ‘07 / /- Companies across the world are beginning to evaluate the applicability of the EU REACH’s provisions for their products. While the provisions as they relate to manufacturers of substances require extensive and drawn out tasks for compliance, the provisions as they currently stand, are less demanding for article makers. However, the data gathering and aggregation, even for this, can be demanding in terms of time and resources. Many companies complied with RoHS using Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) and thus did not gather homogeneous layer-by-layer composition data. Part of the reason for this was that many companies did not want to compromise on intellectual property and trade secrets associated with their parts. Many other companies used non-standard data exchange formats and different master lists of substances for their own reasons. At this time, when these same companies are required to assess the tonnage of substances in their products shipped into EU, they are faced with the same issues. Additionally, obtaining complete layer-by-layer composition data and subsequent aggregation within the time frame available may be tricky for some companies mainly because this information has to flow across the supply chain. Given these factors, the alternative method for quick REACH applicability evaluation based on tonnage of substances in articles is to use part-level or product-level “grind-and-find” concentrations, merged with quantities shipped. Thus companies, which are already well into RoHS compliance for their products using CoCs, or companies in sectors not subject to RoHS-like rules, can use this alternate method for quick evaluation of their tonnage of substances shipped in their products. They can also know which substances are present in their articles, identify the associated parts relatively easily and can put parts associated with those substances on a watch-list. This is to ensure that the manufacturer(s) of those substances are indeed registering as per REACH requirements, so that these parts/products containing the substances are not shut out of the market. MRPRO offers data paths for all of these alternatives.

Papros Inc.’s products offer robust performance, scalability and efficiency for tracking green chemistry in products. Papros Inc.’s flagship product for RoHS and REACH compliance tracking is MRPRO. A very easy-to-use program, MRPRO prepares a Product Material Content Report in conformance with WEEE, RoHS (EU, China, California etc.), EIA, IPC, JIG, JGPSSI and JEDEC and other similar evolving standards. MRPRO incorporates a full array of functions including aggregation, maximum rollups, use tracking, BOM scrubs, read-ins from test data or one hundred percent disclosures, direct importation and write-outs of hundreds of product/part files in IPC 1752-1 and 1752-2 formats in a single batch and many other useful functions. MRPRO can be deployed across the corporate intranet and internet for information access across the enterprise and the entire supply chain using the latest AJAX enabled web client that optimizes data transfer and increases throughput robustness. It shows the lists of region/ issue specific compliance criteria and the product’s/part’s status per the criteria. It also shows End Of Life (EOL) timeline, disposal method at EOL and any other comments by the due diligent authorized issuer/maintainer of the data. A separate form also opens up IPC 1752 xml data over the web and displays maximum compositions for all JIG substance categories. Another form can access all due diligence communications. It is designed to work for all commonly used web browsers. The latest features allow easy quantification of listed substances in products or mixtures, aggregation of shipped quantities and tracking of all information related to the substances and all mixtures of substances sold or shipped as parts or products, or if needed, for calculation of amounts of manufacture, process or other use. Standards based data queries and data integration of data from the supply chain enable seamless management of product data for companies subject to EU REACH, or for traditional US applications such as Form R calculations, or other various State or Local compliance needs.

MRPRO’s report generator, the optional web client and other accessories provide a complete environment for Product Environmental Lifecycle Management for companies of all sizes, large, medium or small. By enabling reports to be generated at key specified points, while enabling the deployment of the results across the internet or corporate intranet, and supporting efficient access to the data, MRPRO is thus a strong and sufficient platform for compliance management.

The scalability of MRPRO ensures that MRPRO can be deployed across enterprises of all sizes and everywhere in the enterprise. Its user interface is easy to use and understand. Additionally, MRPRO can work efficiently with supply chain management data to easily interface with existing processes at enterprises and for multi-enterprise integration. Its abilities to fit in and be necessary at different levels and places in the supply chain enable it to be powerful in use as a tool for eco-compliance with regulatory requirements.

About Papros Inc:

Papros Inc. has been committed to providing Total Environmental Management solutions to US and International companies. “Optimizing the Greenback and the Green Environment” has been the slogan of Papros Inc. since its inception more than twenty years back. Based in San Jose, California, Papros Inc.’s solutions span the entire spectrum of Environmental Management and feature tools to enable corporations worldwide to conform with corporate commitments, industrial responsibilities and governmental regulations in an efficient and sustainable manner.


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