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Manage Your Debt and Preserve Your Credit Score it’s time to l@@k at Month to Month Cell Phone Services, No Credit Check, No Contract, and No Deposit.


Managing debt and preserving our credit scores is sometimes difficult to do in tough economic times such as during a recession...

Especially when temporary events happen with our employment that we have no control over, being laid-off for a day or two, maybe even a week, hours cut back, being reassigned to another department and forced to take a cut in hourly wages or salary etc…

Although the reduction or reassignments are temporary they sure make an impact in our pay checks. This is why many Americans are looking for ways to lower their monthly expenses when this type of situation occurs so that their spending falls more inline with their income.

When it is comes to tackling cell phone expenses many Americans are looking into prepaid cellular or month to month services offered by the large network carriers as an option to lowering their monthly cell phone bills versus starting or renewing an expiring 2 year contract. But, many are finding out that although the prepaid cell phone option on the surface in the beginning gives them the opportunity to lower their expenses, in the long run if they stay on the prepaid service it costs them more.

Other problems with the large wireless carriers prepaid services or
Month to month plans are

• Charging of daily access fees (a charge to use their network. Typically charged on the first cell phone call of the day either incoming or outgoing which ever occurred first. Charges range from 0.99 cents to 2.99/day)
• Sometimes you only get the best benefit of using their prepaid service when you call someone on the same network service. Otherwise if you call someone on another carriers network you are charged a higher rate per minute for those call…those cost can really add up quick.
• With the large wireless carriers month to month plans are riddled with service feature restrictions for example: if you select a lower cost plan to save money let’s say 300 minutes for 40 dollars/mo you probably won’t get many of the standard complementary features such as free nights and weekends or you will get very limited free nights and weekend time.
• Also don’t forget about the discretionary charges for example making calls outside the month to month plan calling area, roaming charges, plus other taxes and fees that are thrown in.

This can be quite a dilemma…but not one that can’t be overcome.

So what is the solution if you want to?
• Preserve your credit score by not taking a credit score hit every time your credit history is checked.
• Get a cell phone but you have bad, damaged or no credit at all
• You don’t want to use a credit card to buy your cell phone and service features
• Save money by lowering monthly expenses when employment situations occur that are beyond your control. But you still need to keep your cell phone to run your business, staying in touch with family, friends your doctor etc…
• You don’t want to spend more money in the long run by using a prepaid cell phone service because of the daily access fees, higher cost per minute for off network calls plus the restricted night and weekend free time limits
• Locate a cell phone service provider the offers a true month to month plan, with flexibility to change service features when you need to so you can save money, not be subjected to a credit check so you can preserve your credit score, no contract extensions, no deposits if you have bad credit

The type of cell phone service provider you are l@@king for is a MVNO second tier cell phone service provider that operates on the largest and most reliable wireless carriers networks.

The fastest growing, most popular and innovative small company providing the solution to the issues discussed above is A P E X GLOBAL WIRELESS. You definitely want to browse their website for more details. This company can and will provide you with the services that will address all of the situations above:


Get ready to be relieved, impressed and elated with what this small company is able to do for you.

Second tier wireless service providers have been around for year. But none in resent years has been as creative, innovative and successful as this company. A P E X GLOBAL WIRELESS is able to give you the value and pricing of a postpaid cell phone services packaged into month to month plans with no hidden or extra charges of any kind. The companies services are powered by the nations largest and most reliable 3G network, with nationwide coverage and no roaming charges.

Further more and more importantly they do it all the while allowing you to preserve your credit score if you have good credit and you don’t want to impact your credit score with another credit history inquiry or you do not want to use a credit card for your start up cost and monthly renewal payment.

Plus if you have bad credit or no credit history at all you are also guaranteed approval with no credit check, no contract, no security deposit, no restrictions regarding service features you can have and they don’t cheat you out of the complementary features that typically is apart of a monthly plan…”this is simply the best value month to month” service and it’s not a prepaid plan.

Here’s a Quick Benefits Recap:
• Service is Powered by the Nations Largest and Most Reliable 3G Network
• Nationwide Coverage Area, No Roaming Charges, No Hidden or Extra Fees
• No Credit Check, Preserve your Credit Score, No Contract, Simply Month to Month payments, No Security Deposit if you have bad credit,
• Nationwide Domestic Long Distance
• Great Value Anytime Minute, Text, EVDO Data Plans, Mobile to Mobile, plus the standard complementary services such as Free nights & weekends, voice-mail, call waiting, call forward, 3way calling all at no extra cost.

Up til now these service offers were just unheard of…to find out more about how A P E X GLOBAL WIRELESS can help you go to


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