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Do Cars Come Before Sex?


(Release November 2008) … As a journalist that specializes in ‘Internet Marketing’ I discovered a site that was offering a 2,500 keyword list of the ‘Top Searched Words on The Internet’. At first glance I couldn’t decide whether this was desperation or a very
astute piece of business marketing. I applied my usual and trusted formula to determine its merits.

Was it unique? Well I had say both yes and no… No it wasn’t unique as you could get this information for free off the internet. Yet at the same time… Yes it was! You can get 10 or 15 items with a quick search for free, but to compile a list of 2,500 made it unique.

My second question within my formula was, “Did it have value?” To anybody who didn’t have a business or an intended business on the internet the facts within it are useless. To those who are the opposite, who depend on earning a living off the internet this list, is more of an asset than just a ‘list’. Any word that is typed into the search engine query box is what most business people want access to. This 2,500 list is all those searches that have over a million views per month.

My third question, “Was it information people needed?” People would find it interesting, businesses would find it invaluable. A list of 50 would be useful, but you’d have little information to compare it with. This list is 2,500+, which is more than enough to contemplate for years.

My final consideration was, “Has this list a time limit?” Well again, yes and no. Yes because about 5% of the words involved included celebrities, which can be either in favour or out
depending on their pranks. The other keywords that may run out of date are the company

names and product names that have their lifespan as long as the ‘fad’ lasts. The remaining 95% will remain constant, so the list I had to admit will not have a time limit.

This list was coming out on top with my usual formula. So with an excitement I chose to talk to the website owner and see why this list was produced…

I asked the CEO about his web page - - Andy Bolton said, “Week in and week out I was having to explore keywords to determine my next theme in business. So in actual fact I was preparing this list for my own personal use,

but when I’d taken a month to compile it I realized its true potential and value. I know the facts within this list are available for free, but unless you have 5 free days at 10 hours per
day spare to compile it, you’ll not come close as it is both tedious and time consuming.”

When you see the top segment of the most viewed keywords you will be both amazed and surprised, as I was. Cars come before sex; lyrics come before marketing, shoes come before dating and hotels come before Google or Yahoo. Lower down the list we see other interesting anomalies – bmw before free downloads, British before baseball, antivirus before online games and court before cancer.

I considered further the lists’ merits… Although I’m not a business person, I’m only just a journalist, I can see why an entrepreneur would enjoy this list to help develop strategies for future promotions. There are nine eventual downloads, some of which are the same list presented in different ways; but more important is the original excel file available for download as well, which is adjustable by columns and items can be deleted and added.

So my final analysis of this Keyword List – is it a desperation measure for an internet business or is it actually a very clever tool? I have no doubt that it is a very clever tool and will a good investment for the astute business person.

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Nigel Walker
Journalist – Specializing in Internet Marketing Strategies.


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