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Epson Develops Natural-Sounding Voice Data Creation Tool and Voice Chips, Simplifying Voice Guidance Installation


Seiko Epson Corporation (ďEpsonĒ) has developed a natural-sounding voice data creation tool for embedded applications, as well as the S1V3034x series of voice chips and the terminal compatible S1V3S344 IC chip with built-in flash memory.

The natural-sounding voice data creation tool is a comprehensive tool combining a high-quality voice synthesis function, provided by VoiceText MISAKI*, with features that facilitate voice guidance sentence analysis as well as pronunciation, phrase editing, and ROM image creation on a single computer, greatly improving user-friendliness and functionality. Although the tool packs plenty of functions and capabilities such as semi-automated phrase segmentation for automatic integration of voice guidance data and automatic creation of voice data, the user interface is simple enough that users can begin their voice guidance development as soon as the tool is delivered from Epson.

The S1V3034x series and the S1V3S344, with built-in flash memory, offer natural-sounding voice guidance solutions through voice codec incorporating high-quality, high-compression algorithms and high-definition D/A converters, and are perfectly matched to Epsonís natural-sounding voice data creation tool. Target applications include a wide range of systems requiring product guidance such as those embedded in home appliances, buildings, and office equipment.

Each product in the S1V3034x series is operated by control commands from the host. Voice data transmitted from the built-in ROM or host is decoded and voice is output through the built-in high-quality 16-bit D/A converter. The capacity of the built-in ROM can be selected from among a line-up of three models. Furthermore, as the series is equipped with a wide variety of interfaces including clock synchronous serial interface, I2C, and UART, it is possible to easily build a system for use in combination with a wide variety of host devices or microcontrollers. In addition, the voice codec function of the S1V3034x series utilizes Epsonís original high-quality, high-compression voice compression format, facilitating the creation of high-quality voice guidance with a minimal amount of data.

The S1V3S344 is an IC chip for the S1V3034x series with built-in flash memory that is terminal compatible. When used in combination with Epsonís natural-sounding voice data creation tool, this chip makes it possible to conduct voice evaluation in product development boards and product packages. Furthermore, additions and alterations arising from last-minute changes and upgrades can be performed easily, significantly boosting the efficiency of voice guidance and software development conducted by users.

Epson will continue to launch products such as voice chips that support the design of superior human interfaces that meet market demands.

*VoiceText is a registered trademark of Pentax Voiceware Co., Ltd. VoiceText is voice synthesis software developed by PENTAX, and VoiceText MISAKI is a type of female, Japanese-language voice. All other names of companies and products appearing in this text are trademarks or registered trademarks.
Screenshot of the natural-sounding voice creation tool

Features of the S1V3034x Series

* High-quality, high-compression audio decoder (Epsonís original format)
o Sampling frequency: 16 kHz
o Bit rate: 16, 24, 32, and 40 kbps
* Variety of host interfaces
o Clock synchronous serial
o I2C
* High-quality, low power consumption 16-bit D/A converter
* Voice ROM capacity line-up
o S1V30345: 640 KB (approx. 5 min./16 kbps)
o S1V30343: 384 KB (approx. 3 min./16 kbps)
o S1V30341: 128 KB (approx. 1 min./16 kbps)
o S1V30340: No built-in ROM for voice data (Exclusively for streaming playback)
* Voice data streaming input mode support
* System clock
o Frequency (clock input): 32.768 kHz or 12.288 MHz
o Frequency (oscillator): 32.768 kHz or 12.288 MHz
* Supply voltage: 2.2 V to 5.5 V (single power supply)
* Package
o 52-pin QFP package (10 mm x 10 mm, 0.65-mm pitch)
o 48-pin QFP package (7 mm x 7 mm, 0.5-mm pitch)


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