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Cruise To Cash/ Wise Decision? Read Now!


Cruise To Cash Vacations has grown over the past 11 months into a giant of an opportunity. I say has grown into a giant of an opportunity and not just a giant of a company, because companies can grow and leave their members or employees behind, but the acception to the rule is Cruise To Cash Vacations.

Iím a major skeptic when it comes down to home based businesís, but for some odd reason have been drawn magically to this unique company and one itís members. I will speak more on that person in a moment, but for right now I need to talk more about what has intrigued me about this company. Iíve watched the YTB Travels,the Coastal Vacations,GRNís, And now even more recently the opportunity Guru Cruise, over the years Iíve seen opportunities come and go, but I have never seen a business model like Cruise To Cash wher the opportunity continues to grow like a real company should and that emphasis is in the product development, the compensation for itís sales force, and an ongoing plan for growth for years to come.

Real Breifly the owners have continued to add value to the product, they continue to add on customer service, they continue to add, and add, and have even dropped the monthly fees to maintain your membership! This is unheard of add more value but yet drop pricing ..genius! In this short article I donít have time to cover everything on the product,compensation, system and business model, but in a moment I will reccomend a site you can see fro your self as I have done.

Ok, we just talked breifly about the company, now no company would be a success with out a force driving it, With Cruise To Cash Vacations they hooked up with a gentleman in whom I call íMr.First Classí,Mardy Eger, this gentleman is incredible! A champion of leaders, mentors, trainers and just a very nice person. I have watched Mr. Mardy Eger closely over the past 7 years to have grown into a major multi-million dollar force, and the inspiring thing is Iíve watched him and his story, from bankruptcy and $0.00 to now over the past 3 years as I have watched him even closer, to now multi-millioniare.

Again, as before with the company, thereís not enough room for me to share all Iíd like to about Mardy Eger, but it has been amazing to see him join forces with Cruise To Cash Vacations, or CTC as many call it, and to have develpoed the #1 Income producing team in the entire company, this speaks volumes on the massive support, training and leadership he offers his team members. One member I spoke to said that working with Mardy Eger, has not only changed her financial life but also her way of thinking. The testimonies have poured in, I may do another online story just on the testimonies. But heís been described as a true friend that care sincerly about his personal team memberís success. And again that is rare in this type business.
Even though, Mardy Eger, heís earned $30k his first 10 days, over $100k his first 6 1/2 weeks, and now since January 08 until now August 08 heís earned over $650k in the CTC business, He remains humble, loves what he does, loves helping and training people to help make their destiny come true. Not bad for a man with multiple streams of income who earned over $1.2 Million online, and already $1 Million this year, most people Iíve come accross would have inflated egos! Mardy Egerís Website for exciting information about him, his team and the Awesome Cruise to Cash Vacations is .

This mild mannered millionaire , mentor and now author has a track record that is impeccable, I knew when I saw him link up with Cruise To Cash ,something magically was going to happen,and it did!Too bad I donít play the lottery..yeah? My hunch was right on.

In my final words Iíve never seen a sponsor, or in this case a mentor that has the type of commitment to his teamís success as Mardy Eger, and let me mention this was even before the new compensation plan, where he now getís commissions from his team members success. He has from day one has gone beyond the scope of what it takes to help all members succeed, and that is why I believe he has enjoyed the success he has, Cruise To Cash, Again has done what no other company was willing to do, and that is keep itís people and product first, understanding if you keep the right thing priority, the money will come. This is where I see the philosiphy of Mardy Eger and Cruise To Cash have meshed together to become an unstoppable wealth building force for all members.

Again Mardyís site is to find out more about this awesome opportunity and to join Cruise to Cash Vacations, Official #1 Earner, The #1 Mentor and Trainer. , I asked Mardy why did he name his site He replied, I want new members that join me to have a vision to where they can be, If they can see themselves there ,then the rest is easy, set a goal and letís make it happen for you! Thatís my motto and my motivation, Says Eger.


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