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Reverse Funnel System KNOCKED OUT by Wealth Funnel System


The Reverse Funnel System ENVIES the success of The Wealth Funnel System. The Reverse Funnel System hearing this news has taken a dirty move and lied about legal action against Wealth Funnel System. Global Resorts Network directors are taking action against The Reverse Funnel System.

This seems to come as no surprise when just recently Al Morales of Global Resorts Network gave his seal of approval to The Wealth Funnel System as a excellent marketing platform for GRNís products. Ironically moments after the buzz got around The Reverse Funnel System made false aligations that they were in litigation with the Wealth Funnel System, on closer inspection there was no legal actions between the two competitors. Promply Derrick Harper the owner of The Wealth Funnel System stated quote:

"There was a release by Reverse Funnel System last week stating that
they are involved in a legal suite against Wealth Funnel System.

I have recently spoken to the the senior chief at GRN and have
uncovered that RFS was upset that we are doing a better job at
training GRN and WFS ONE members than they ever could at Reverse
Funnel System.

There is a reason we have more duplicators and faster rising stars
in the Wealth Funnel System than RFS ever did. Simple reason:
Iíve been an internet marketer and my career has revolved around
Internet Technologies for 13 years now.. SINCE THERE WAS AN INTERNET!

I donít hold back in my training I give the REAL DEAL that are the
exact steps that Iíve taken to become a success in this industry.

So, the FALSE statement about WFS & RFS being in litigation was
nothing more than a CHEAP SHOT at WFS because the little boys over
at RFS are starting to miss that $299.99 per month (what a joke) that
has become the basis of their income since there sales of GRN
product has dwindled since they canít teach others how to properly
duplicate success.

My personal favorite about the entire hoax was that RFS stated that
they have been trying to get in touch with me.... AND WERE UNABLE
TO REACH ME! Take 5 seconds and GOOGLE my name: Derrick Harper

I pretty much have the front page of GOOGLE relating to my name
on lock down... Thats how difficult it is to find me. And personally
if I were a well educated attorney I wouldnít admit to the fact
that I was unable to find me. It would make them look like most
attorneys are - like Idiots!

Anyways sorry for the need to even send this letter but I just
to clear the air of the foul odor that is lingering from
Reverse Funnel Systems dirty little trick. -Derrick Harper"

Yes it seems to that the two businesses once neck and neck for producing GRN success, far distance appart today. When investigating the two systemís I found that, a simple google search for Reverse Funnel Scam raked up nearly as much material that promoted it, I also wanted to know what the sources of the negative material were, it was a fact that many dishearted souls had they themselves had become not mere competitors out on a smear campaign but in fact Reverse Funnel System refugees with a mountain of debt and 0 transactions from Global Resorts Network.

I strongly encourage you to look into The Wealth Funnel System after I did my reseach as the business solution of choice for Global Resorts Network affliate marketing, this name truly desires to have the word SYSTEM in it. Wealth Funnel System 1 (universal marketing) Wealth Funnel System 2 (GRN platinum level membership included, qualifying you for $1000 per sale no pass ups, + The Wealth Funnel System Marketing as a added bonus)

David Nelson


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