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Gone is the day that marketing was an almost exclusively local occupation. No longer does expansion refer to tentatively marketing a good to the customer in the next town, or the next county over or perhaps a state away, but instead expansion now refers to forceful forays into foreign countries, the global world market. Business opportunities take flight in today’s global economy and in so doing the pressure of national as well as international competition has become intense, due to marketing with the internet. While in days past the business might have suffered a little if it was unwilling or unable to gain access in the marketplace next door, today the business will suffer irrevocable failure if it fails to not only vanquish local competition but global competition as well. The world has become a marketplace to anyone who can turn on a computer.

We know that Cutting Edge Global Marketing is the answer to the entrepreneur who understands the currents of the international market and knows that the success or failure of the business will depend on taking it Global. Yet this very understanding requires also a complete rethinking of the tried and true marketing approaches of old( Old School Marketing). Utilizing an in-house sales force to take the product to the private and business consumer was perhaps the oldest known methodology and it was later on superseded by the marketing tool that assured a company’s name and contact information would be prominently displayed or otherwise available to the eager consumer; the latter was the time of calendar marketing, pen giveaways, and other little household items that were useful and carried a commercial message. Don’t get me wrong all of these small giveaways still work, just not on a Global Level.

In an interesting twist of marketing effectiveness, the global marketplace has encouraged many an entrepreneur to go back to the sales force approach, yet instead of hiring a paid in-house sales force, the companies now rely on a multi level marketing approach which only pays sales people upon successful completion of a closed deal. Also in today’s marketplace companies are skipping hiring the sales force and are now Outsourcing their marketing to firms who develop Global Sales Plans for them. This in turn eliminates the need for extra payroll and benefits, saving the company money on the Bottom Line. Add to this the advent of online magazines, the ability to quickly and efficiently send out newsletters to even the largest mailing list for next to no expense, and the clever utilization of blogs and article marketing, and the possibilities of the multi level marketing network approach make a lot of sense.

This methodology electronically mimics the giveaways of household items in the marketing days of old and it is shown to be highly effective. Of course, just like in the old days the calendar was always a much sought after item while the cigarette lighter held a lot less promise, the high quality newsletter that contains a lot of useful information and interesting facts and tidbits is much more likely to be read and even forwarded than the one that seems to be little more than a commercial email with little or no extraneous value to the customer. Blogging and the utilization of article marketing add to a company’s global exposure and offer the entrepreneur the ability to create content unique to the interests of the various regions to which she or he is marketing a product. Cutting edge global marketing truly is a hands-on approach to claiming the worldwide profitability that is all but promised - with the help of the Internet.

That is why so many individuals today are starting their own Home Based Business to capture that Global Market without having to invest major amounts of money in a brick and mortar business. The Cash outlay to start a Home Based Business is far, far less than the traditional business. Gone are the days when an individual can start a business and grow it into an empire. The next millionaires, no the next multi-millionaires, will come from the internet, through Home Based Business.

You’re sitting there reading this article and thinking this man is crazy, me become a millionaire. Yes, I’m saying that You can become a millionaire, in as little as 12 months, with the explosion of the Internet. If you don’t believe that this can happen to you, then look around you, how many people are knocking down your door wanting to show you their secrets to financial success? If you truly want success, if you truly have a desire to better yourself and your family, then make the effort to do it today! All I ask is that you have the Desire to better yourself and are Teachable,

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