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The best Global Resorts Network mentor | Performing your due diligence before joining Global Resorts


When performing your due diligence before joining Global Resorts Network itís probably come to your attention that your success will be largely dependent upon what team you join, what training you receive, and what mentor assists you in starting your Global Resorts business.

In this brief overview Iíll share with you the top Three keys to focus on that will assure you find the best match possible for the launch and growth of your own Global Resorts Network business. To get started weíll begin with training and marketing guidance. This is by far the MOST important piece to any internet based business. Wether itís Global Resorts Network or any other online based product. If you canít get the message out to your targeted customer then youíre going to fail - PERIOD!

1.) Education and Training - As i mentioned if you donít find the best training and marketing education system then it doesnít mater what business you join, Global Resorts or any other business system. What you should look for in internet marketing education and training especially as it applies to the Global Resorts Network products. Look into the mentor or team youíre considering. And more importantly look into the back ground of the person or people providing you the training. DO they have an extensive background in internet marketing? Have they had success in Global Resorts and other online businesses? Have all of those businesses been home based business opportunities or have the educator(s) been successful in other internet based businesses outside of the home business industry - (this shows that an educator understands the fundamentals of internet marketing). One of Global Resorts most notable and respected marketing trainers, Derrick Harper has been a professional Internet Marketing specialist for over 13 years for large fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, Wyeth, Merk, MTV Networks, Weber Grills, and many, many others.( learn more about Derrick Harper at: ) He also trains and mentors many of the top Global Resorts earners and their teams. Other top earners have long realized that Derrickís proven marketing experience and technical understanding of Internet Marketing and search engine algorithms could train their members to duplicate success faster and more efficiently than they could provide them selves. Heís even invited to speak and instruct at Global Resorts conferences such as the recent Global Summit conference in Phoenix Arizona ( see video report here: )....

2.) What systems has the team leader and (or) mentor put in place for you to utilize when youíre completely new and know nothing about the internet or answering someoneís questions pertaining to Global Resorts Network. Or are there systems in place to answer YOUR OWN questions pertaining to your new GRN business? A few key things are 24hr Sales Call support center with professional Global Resorts Network representatives that know Global Resorts in and out. Having this tool in place can provide HUGE benefits. If youíre busy during the day or simply uncomfortable speaking to people with questions over the phone then you simply forward your business line to the call support center to allow them to answer your prospects questions for you. Or another great benefit is that if you are speaking to someone on the phone and they ask a question you donít understand then you simply 3-way the call center with the prospect and have a professional provide them with the answer theyíre seeking.

3.) Technical support - Unless you come to the home based business industry as a professional web developer, or professional sales copy writer, or with any other internet technical background then youíre probably going to have a few questions about internet business basics as well as more technical questions as you become more familiar with internet marketing through the course of building and growing your Global Resorts Network business. Does the team and (or) mentor have LIVE technical support in place for you to access a technical savvy support specialist that can hand-in-hand walk you through any difficulties you may be having step-by-step? A great system that provides all of the mentioned key points that you should consider is know as the Wealth Funnel System TWO ( you can learn more about this powerful training and education team at )....

If you are interested in learning more about Derrick Harper and his team of internet marketing specialist you may discover more at - and you can also learn more about his top mentors and team members at the following url - Derrick and his team provide LIVE training about search engine fundamentals, marketing methods that work, tactics for co-branding and personal branding, and how to leverage the many venues and web 2.0 technologies that are constantly cropping up all over the internet to drive massive TARGETED traffic to your own Global Resorts Network Travel Business.

I hope these three tips are helpful and informative for you in your search for the best GRN team and mentor to join when performing your due diligence about Global Resorts Network as a possible solution for your own home based business.


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