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Does The Carbon Copy Marketing System Work? Is Carbon Copy Marketing A Scam? Is Jay Kubassek And Carbon Copy Marketing Legitimate?

Learn The Answers To These Questions And Many More.

Q: How Does Carbon Copy Marketing Work?
A: Simple. They poor a HUGE amount of cash into advertising. Then they ask the people whom visit the site to pay $50.00 and fill out an application (This is an attempt to look like a screening process). After you pay the $50.00 then they give you access to the “nuts & bolts” information.

Here are the “Nuts & Bolts” of Carbon Copy Marketing System: It is an attempt to get you to pay $8,995.00 for a home business called “Wealth Masters International” (or) “WMI” + They inform you that to participate in Jay Kubassek’s Carbon Copy Marketing System, you must also ante up a minimum of $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 in an advertising budget. That’s between $10,995.00 to $13,995.00 to get started in “Carbon Copy Marketing”. If you Google “WMI” or “Wealth Masters International” you’ll learn that it doesn’t cost $50.00 (What Jay Kubassek and Carbon Copy Marketing charges for the above information) to learn more about it. And They DO HAVE other price points BELOW $8,995.00. And you are NOT informed prior to purchase that Jay Kubassek and Carbon Copy Marketing Pro charges you a MONTHLY RECURRING FEE OF $149.95 - EVERY MONTH!

Simple fact: Based on the Median Income for the average person in the United States they simply CAN NOT AFFORD $10,995.00 to $13,995.00 to start a business. And a business with No 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The most obtainable and most appealing price point shown in independent market research is between $1,500 to $2,000.
(Look at the chart below to see the average “HOUSE HOLD” income for most Americans)

Q: Longevity: Will The Carbon Copy Marketing System Be Around For A Long Time?
A: Lets reflect back to setting a price point of $10,995 to $13,995. With this initial investment being set so far out of reach of the average American, it’s just a matter of time before the pool of potential investors will be exhausted. Once the initial “frenzy” of a new “Get-Rich QUICK!” business passes, the general public and average person looking to start a sustainable online business will avoid The Carbon Copy Marketing System like the plague. This is simple economics. Not a negative advertising campaign.

Q: What is the value of The Carbon Copy Marketing System product(s) long term and what are the benefits.
A: Chances are, if you’ve performed any research on “WMI” or “Wealth Masters International” you know it’s a investment abd wealth management educatoin and mentoring club membership. Ok, that’s a valuable product to some consumers. However, please take the time to research how easy it is to use the membership. Like many debt coaching programs there are added “hidden” fees. uch as part of the $8,995 buy-in price is teh opportunity to attend the next siminar conference they hold. But let’s add on hotel for three days, air fare, meals, a little shopping, maybe a couple of drinks wiht some new found friends at teh conference at a hotel bar that charges $10.00 for a rum and coke or the $4.00 miller light and you’re talking another $1,500 to $2,000 on TOP OF THE $10,995 to $13,995 they’re suggesting you initially spend to get started..... And WAIT!!!! There is a third level to program that you can participate in later that - GET THIS: COST A WHOPPING $17,000 and includes a trip over sees to an additional conference and siminar. At least you get a trip over seas for $17,000 Ohh wait, that doesn’t include airfare. For $17,000 I could stay gone to several countries for 6 months.

Another great resource for learning how much of a scam Carbon Copy Pro is

Q: Who is Jay Kubassek and how did he get invloved with Carbon Copy Marketing System?
A: Jay Kubassek, the biggest promoter of CarbonCopyProMarketing, would have you believe that just a very short while ago he was a humble Midas muffler store manager (statements such as this are designed to “Identify” with the intended “target” - Yes, the marketing science behind this tactic is that if you can get the viewer or potential consumer viewing himself in your shoes then you can “Play off his own desires and dreams”. This is NO different than any other marketing or sales technique, with one exception: You’re taking advantage of someone’s vulnerabilities and you’re not given them anything they can truly use. How can they use a debt coaching membership after they’re broke from the $10,995 to $13,995 investment plus the $149.95 per month.

It’s a very touching and hopeful story. Let’s review how he made this fortune... Hmmmm - by reselling a “business opportunity” to unassuming consumers whom thought they would have the opportunity to re-create Jay’s success. Well Jay’s success isn’t from the business opportunity. It’s from his marketing ability. NUMBER ONE rule of any business is: if you know how to market you can make money with it. So he should be selling a system that sells marketing know-how and education rather than debt and wealth management. Maybe wealth management would be better suited as a product to sell to people after you sell them online marketing education and training so they can actually MAKE THE WEALTH before they worry about managing wealth.

Q:Carbon Copy Marketing PRO A SCAM? Is Jay Kubassek a SCAM ARTIST? Carbon Copy Marketing Legit?
A: I’ll let you as an educated consumer that probably has a “Gut Feeling” already, draw your own conclusion. Take the time to ask the right questions. Also, find a business that has a mentor that will actually assist you and teach you something valuable. When choosing a home business to get involved with choose it based on the LONG TERM VALUE & View it as an education and learning process. Becoming an entrepreneur is a process that takes time and will require that you continue to learn for YEARS. (You will actually never have a graduation day - you’ll be learning more about business systems and models for your entire life as an entrepreneur). Remember the #1 focus for any home based business system is EDUCATON AND TRAINING on how to properly market online. This should be the initial focus of the business. To teach and train it’s members how to market.

Q: Is There An Alternative Or A Better Solution?
A: Of Course. When Researching Anything - There Are Always Better Choices. Choosing a business that offers something that never loses value is best. Choose a business that teaches you the fundamentals of business i.e. MARKETING and BUSINESSS SYSTEMS is an even better choice. Getting Involved with a business that offers an EDUCATION is key. Knowledge will never decrease in value and is the only TRUE VALUE in the world. The most prized and cherished commodity on the planet. Those who KNOW succeed, while those who don’t FAIL.

Below you’ll find a form to submit your information and gain access to learn more about a business model that actually WORKS! It will offer you what the others don’t. A solid education in marketing and growing a business online. It will guarantee that your investment will turn you into a success (Maybe not over night - but it will give you a 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee - if you’re not making a minimum of $5,000.00 within 90-Days) And it will give you the skill set and knowledge to start other businesses and be successful at those as well. It will only require a one thousand dollar investment not $10,995 to $13,995 dollars.

Discover a better solution here: for real online success.


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