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EDC Gold & EDC Diamond Help Entrepreneurs Prepare for Universal Search


Universal Search has officially taken its place in online search, and has become a driving force for businesses. Ina Stanley, founder of Learn2Earn Marketing ( and marketing specialist with EDC Gold & EDC Diamond explains how the home business programs have helped to prepare entrepreneurs for new SEO tactics and for the new age of online search.

Universal Search was one of Google’s biggest highlights for 2007. It took the world of search to a whole new level, offering searchers more relevant results in a variety of mediums that the traditional text-based search results of old. It has also afforded small businesses and advertisers many more options for reaching their target markets through organic search results, allowing for small businesses and advertisers with smaller budgets to rank high in search results and gain some of the exposure that otherwise would have been impossible without the use of more expensive paid advertising

Why has Universal Search made such headlines? The most important aspect is that searchers now how more relevant results to choose from. Universal Search basically combined the various vertical databases into one set of results. This means that in addition to traditional text results, searchers can also enjoy browsing relevant images, videos, audio files and pdf files as well as other forms of Web 2.0-based content. In the past, search engines only had text to go by as a basis for categorizing web-based resources. Unfortunately, simple text didn’t always provide the most relevant results for a user’s search terms. Resources that may only have had a portion of the search term in common with other, more relevant websites or listings would naturally be included, meaning that a user might have to sift through several pages to find what they truly needed. With the introduction of Web 2.0 and tagging, online users began contributing more to the Web’s content and labeling it exactly as they intended it to be found. This opened up a whole new offering of media that search engines had not previously known (or worked out) how to access and categorize. Now with Universal Search, images or videos that are “tagged” with a certain keyword or term will also show up when a user searches for that term. It is a much more convenient way of searching on the user’s end.

While Universal Search has been great for users, it has caused an uproar among small businesses and advertisers. Getting a website or listing to the top of organic search results has never been easy, especially when it comes to Google. Now that search engines have more media to consider, they are constantly changing their indexing algorithms to keep up with the demand for Web 2.0 content. This means that SEO professionals, small businesses and webmasters who had getting indexed and achieving high search engine rank down to a science before the introduction of Universal Search, now have to scramble to regain their high rankings (or get ranked at all). Ina Stanley, a marketing specialist with the EDC Gold & EDC Diamond programs, notes that just before the introduction of Universal Search, the training provided by EDC Gold started to shift directions. “The experts who host the training started focusing on teaching us more about Web 2.0 and its benefits. They went deep into using social networking as a means of advertising, as well as teaching us the finer points of creating worthy Web 2.0 content such as articles, press releases and video. I feel that they were trying to prepare of for what was coming, and when Universal Search finally hit, most of us were able to rank high in search results and ride the wave.”

EDC Gold & EDC Diamond been working to teach members and entrepreneurs the benefits of using such content. They have held specific 3 and 4-session series on creating and optimizing Web 2.0 content, as well as the most effective methods of distributing that content. “Looking back, it wasn’t until around the time that Universal Search hit that I started seeing significant success. I took what the marketing experts said to heart, and started producing a few videos a week that discussed various aspects of business, products and services. I began writing articles and using article hubs to distribute them far and wide. I started creating press releases each time we had new product or service launches. I also started participating in communities that had forums, and speaking & answering questions about my business. Before you know it, these things started showing up the search results without my having to promote them or pay serious money for them.” This was in fact, the goal of the EDC Gold & EDC Diamond programs. The leaders of the company, expressing that they understood how expensive advertising can be, sought to provide members with training on methods that were completely free (or very low-cost) to use, and that could be used often. “I can’t remember the last time I had to pay for major advertising,” says Ina. “Since EDC Gold introduced the Web 2.0 training to us, my efforts have been much less expensive and more effective than any paid advertising such as PPC, guaranteed traffic packages or purchasing leads. Not only does my message show up in a variety of places (not just a search engine), but most of my press releases and articles show up on the first page and rank high in search results!”

Not only has this training helped entrepreneurs gain more exposure, but is creating a buzz in the world of SEO. Comments Ina on her more recent efforts, “Having several pieces of content that rank high in search results (and are therefore picked up by publishers looking for high-quality content for their websites and blogs) is also doing wonders for my website’s Google PageRank. While my PageRank is very low on the totem poll, it was non-existent before (despite my efforts). I can only imagine that as I produce and distribute more content, and that content links back to my website, the site’s PageRank will continue to increase. I can therefore say that one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve PageRank is to create quality Web 2.0 content and distribute to as many locations as possible!” Ina also commented that the majority of what she knows about SEO and Google PageRank was learned in the training from EDC Gold.

For many businesses, entrepreneurs and advertisers, EDC Gold & EDC Diamond have helped to provide a smooth transition into the new era of online search. Businesses and advertisers now know that there are several options for achieving high search engine placement to get the exposure they need, and for reaching a variety of markets. Now that there is a company that provides specific training on mastering these additional methods, advertisers and entrepreneurs can now recoup losses from the previous year and focus on less-expensive, mass-exposure in 2008. It is being said that 2008 will be the year of the small business. Because EDC Diamond is shifting gears in its training once again to help members focus on personal and professional development, it will no doubt be a lifeline to new entrepreneurs and business owners in the coming year.

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Ina Stanley is a successful small business owner, entrepreneur, marketing specialist and mentor with the EDC Gold & EDC Diamond programs. Her services and training are on the cutting edge of marketing, providing entrepreneurs with exclusive tools to keep ahead of the competition!


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