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A New Internet Video Business Opportunity is Launching into Australia and New Zealand and Will Create Many Incredible New Ways to Make Money Online



Australia, November 2, 2005- The pre-launch of a new business opportunity that is gearing up to launch to Australia and New Zealand is generating massive excitement both on and off of the Internet. Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, and those looking to work from home are shocked by the magnitude of this opportunity.

WowMeNow, LLC is an Independent Affiliate of a Streaming Media Company based in the United States. Over the past two years, they helped thousands of people build highly profitable online businesses that they work either on a part-time or a full-time basis from home. What WowMeNow is most known for is their Pre-Launch Marketing System that attracts tens of thousands of people to their website with each pre-launch. As the company that they are associated with launches their products and business opportunity into new countries, the WowMeNow Marketing System allows people to pre-build their business at no cost for a period of time before the official launch.

In May of 2003 when Rob Hawthorne, founder of WowMeNow, LLC first learned about a new company offering new and innovative online video services, he soon realized the massive potential of video over the Internet. He created the first pre-launch WowMeNow website which allowed people to pre-build their business at no cost while they waited for the company to officially launch.

The pre-launch was a massive success as over 30,000 people enrolled on the WowMeNow Marketing System in only 30 days. Of those people, a large percentage joined the company which allowed many people to go full-time in the business their very first month. The pre-launch also allowed countless others to generate enough income to cover their car payments, house payments, or even both on a monthly basis.

One of the individuals that immediately went full-time into the business was Rob Hawthorne. Over the last two and a half years, he has been working this business from home and has helped countless others create both part-time and full-time incomes with this incredible one of a kind business.

“For me, this has been an incredible ride that has truly changed my life”, Rob says. “One month before I had learned about this business opportunity, I was jobless, broke, and about to lose my apartment and car. I was just some 24 year-old kid with no direction and no clue what I wanted to do with my life. This company has changed everything for me and has allowed me to generate a large six-figure annual income working from home.”

The company that Rob is associated with just recently launched into the United Kingdom, and because of the WowMeNow Pre-Launch, many people were able to get an incredible head start to building their business. And now, the company has their eyes set on launching their incredible Internet video products and business opportunity into Australia and New Zealand in January, 2006.

“Anyone in Australia or New Zealand that is looking to generate a great part-time, or even a full-time income working from home should to take a serious look at what we’re about to launch into their country. It will truly change the way you communicate and advertise over the Internet. We have officially launched the WowMeNow Pre-Launch, which allows people in Australia and New Zealand to join at no cost. They are also provided with their own website that they can use to pre-build their business, plus a back office full of training on all of the Internet video products that the company offers”, Rob says.

“This business is not only about using and offering the latest and easy-to-use Internet video technologies; it’s about connecting people and changing lives. The impact that the products and business opportunity will have on the lives of the people in Australia and in New Zealand is unimaginable. With hundreds of people joining the Australia and New Zealand Pre-Launch within the first couple of days, I will not be surprised to see our record 30,000 broken by the time we launch there in January, 2006.”

If you would like to be one of the first to start pre-building your business before the masses in Australia and New Zealand learn about this business opportunity, you must act quickly.

When you visit, you will be able to enroll at no cost and receive your own WowMeNow Pre-Launch website that you can start using today to pre-build your business very quickly. Rob also says, “We provide all of the training and information needed for you to decide if this business is right for you. No pressure. No games. This is a real business with real people, and we are changing a lot of people’s lives out there for the better through the products and opportunity. This launch will only happen once in Australia and New Zealand, so if you’d like to make new friends, make more money, and have more fun, then this business may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Join us.”

With this new business opportunity, there are not only opportunities to offer the products to individual users, but Affiliates can also offer these products to both small and large businesses. Many current Affiliates have sold the streaming video technologies to many large corporations, as well as several multi-billion dollar companies. It’s an incredible business opportunity considering that you earn a 20% monthly residual income from any account that you sell.

The video products are so easy to use that customers and Affiliates have purchased accounts for their children, so they can communicate with their friends and family using state of the art video technology. The company also has many patents on their technologies and over the last several years, they have invested over $50 Million US dollars into the products and company.

About WowMeNow, LLC

WowMeNow, LLC is an Independent Affiliate of a streaming media company based in the United States. Our mission is to provide our Team Members with the tools and training needed to reach the levels of success they desire. For more information, go to: Rob Hawthorne is can be reached at:



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