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Ambit Energy and Industry Leader Charise Carter Want To Power Your Future Through The Electrifying Transfer of Wealth In Energy Deregulation


October 18th, 2007 - Top income earner Charise Carter aligns with Ambit Energy in whatís likely to be the largest transfer of wealth to take place during our lifetime and itís only going to happen this one time in history. Thatís quite a bold claim but it isnít unwarranted according to the savvy entrepreneur.

Ambit Energy is a solid direct sales company thatís capitalizing on the $400 Billion dollar deregulation of both electricity and gas. The company was founded by two visionary leaders, Mr. Jere Thompson and Mr. Chris Chambless who also brought on top Fortune 500 department heads to run the company. Over $15 million dollars and two years were spent laying the foundation before the first customer or consultant came on board.

Charise adds, ďThe last time deregulation happened in a smaller industry the company became a billion dollar company faster than any in US history - even beating Bill Gates & Microsoft. Since then only Google has beat the record. Now Ambit is on track to beat Google and Iím very excited to be a part of it.Ē

What Charise is referring to is how thousands of everyday people became millionaires in Excel Communications during the telecom deregulation, some making over $1.000.000 a month because they were at the right place at the right time in history and they capitalized on the historic opportunity.

Charise continues, ďNow itís happening again but this time it will be 10x bigger because energy is a much bigger market. Whereas the average phone bill at the time was only $25, the average power bill ranges from $100-$250.Ē

ďThe big boys no longer have the exclusive corner on this enormous market that touches all of our lives each and every day. I mean, who unplugs their refrigerator or alarm clock. We all unconsciously use and habitually purchase energy. We canít live without it. Itís truly the perfect product.Ē

Not only is the product electrifying but Ambitís business model has been designed to create real generational wealth for itís consultants. In less than 12 months, some are seeing monthly incomes exceed $70,000 per month and Charise adds, ďWeíre just getting started. This is still in itís infancy and itís only going to get bigger.Ē

When asked what attracted her to Ambit, Mrs. Carter replied, ďActually, several things but what stands out the most is being at the forefront of the deregulation of energy as it unfolds, the extremely generous pay structure, and the leadership that Iím aligned with. My mastermind team is the best. As long as Iíve been in this industry, being at the right place at the right time has never had more meaning for me than right now.Ē

Being in the industry full-time since 1998 Charise understands the importance of training and duplication so she took the initiative to found Team Vision 212į with other 6 and 7-figure earners in the company. The team site can be found at

Aside from the exceptional leadership, one of the major benefits of aligning with Team Vision 212į is the teamís exclusive Call Center thatís used for acquiring customers so no matter where team members live, customer acquisition is effortless.

Charise adds, ďItís all about helping people get what they want and part of our teamís mission is to apply F.A.I.T.H. which is an action-based acronym that stands for Find Another Individual To Help.Ē

ďIn talking with Ronny Kirkland, one of our team leaders who made over $4.5 million over a 3 year period during Telecom deregulation, he shared with me that with Ambitís pay structure and the same size organization and number of customers he had in Excel, he could have generated nearly $5 million per month simply because of the power of Ambitís business model.Ē

ďIím going into retirement after this one,Ē Charise says. ďThis is the one Iíve been waiting for and Iím on a personal mission to help others see the light.Ē

For more information on Ambit Energy and to join Team Vision 212į with Charise Carter visit


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