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iPhone Insomnia


By Dorren Robinson,

It starts with a sweaty feeling, then progresses to a tingly nervousness and culminates in an inability to sleep.
It lasts anywhere from a few days to more than a week and leaves sufferers completely exhausted.
David Breen has it and knows it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.
Although unclassified by sleep experts, those who have it say it’s very real.
It’s iPhone insomnia and Breen has it bad.
He’s been unable to sleep for several days anticipating the newest gadget from Apple and, now that it’s here, he won’t get any shuteye until he understands each and every feature.
“I am that excited. I will definitely be up all night trying to figure it out,” said Breen who runs a booking agency in Nashville, Tenn. “I imagine I won’t get sleep throughout the weekend.”
While Breen’s case of iPhone insomnia is acute, it’s not uncommon or dangerous, said Dr. Charley Gordon, a neurosurgeon in Tyler, Texas with a keen interest in sleep disorders.
“Obviously, no, it’s not the healthiest thing to have,” said Gordon, who founded, a website community focused on sleep disorders. “But I do think our bodies are made to where we can have a sleep fast for a short period of time.”
A sleep fast is a period of time without restful sleep such as a pre-teen slumber party or an all-night cram session in college.
While the occasional sleep fast is normal, Gordon said the danger comes from missing sleep on a regular basis.
“The problem is people get their days and nights mixed up. They pull an all-nighter and go to bed in the afternoon. Then the wake up at dinnertime and feel well rested and end up staying up late again.”
Gordon said there’s a painless antidote to iPhone insomnia or any sleep fast - 12 to 14 hours of well-placed sleep.
“Get an iPhone, spend the weekend figuring out how to use it, then go to bed at 7 p.m. on Sunday night,” he said.
Just getting the phone has been the part of the cause of Patrick Duffy’s iPhone insomnia.
The 23-year-old was first in line at the Apple Store at Green Hills Mall in Nashville and it was not by accident.
He first started showing symptoms of iPhone insomnia on Thursday when he and a friend drove by the store every hour to see if a line was forming.
By late Friday afternoon, his case was full-blown as he and a friend huddled bleary-eyed by the store door with more than 150 others behind them.
“I’ve only gotten two to three hours of sleep in the last 33 hours,” said Duffy, attesting to his condition. But he said coming down with iPhone insomnia will be worth it if he gets a phone.
“It’s going to be my first Apple product ever,” said Duffy eagerly. “The phone looks like a great device.”
His friend, however, was not so sure.
“I’m just tired,” he said.
Duffy plans on sleeping once he gets his phone, putting a quick end to his insomnia.
Breen, however, said there’s only a slim chance he’ll be in recovery on Monday.
His case of iPhone insomnia is so extreme it’s affecting his waking time and his relationships. He spent part of Friday monitoring the lines at different stores and mapping out a strategy to buy his iPhone. He even closed his office early so everyone could get in line.
Breen’s wife knows he’ll be up all night with his new gadget and he said his daughter will be lucky if she catches a glimpse of him over the weekend.
“I’ve arranged a baby sitter to watch my child so I can dedicate my day to it,” he said.
The iPhone went on sale yesterday at 6 p.m. in each U.S time zone and were sold through Apple stores and AT&T company-owned outlets.
Some experts believe Apple could sell more than 200,000 units in two days, causing a massive outbreak of iPhone insomnia.
And while iPhone insomnia is expected to last only a short time, Gordon cautioned that an adolescent insomnia is expected worldwide on July 21.
That’s the day final installment of Harry Potter series goes on sale.


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