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Who’s Telling the Truth?
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Do You Push the Spam Button?

My name is Lisa Sorensen.
I have been an Internet Marketer for 9 years. I started exploring income generating options about 10 years ago because I no longer wanted to scrub other people’s toilets. It was wrecking my body, and it didn’t pay much.
To be honest, that is why a lot of people come to the “New Frontier”. They’re hoping to generate some extra income. Maybe it’s to supplement their SSI, disability or welfare check. For some, they want to be home with their kids and have the freedom of not having a boss to answer to.
Whatever the reason, a lot of new Internet Marketers are taught about “email marketing”. Someone like me will teach them the legal way to email market.
But, it seems no matter what you do, there will always be that “one in the bunch” who cries “Spam” and ruins your entire business. Just because they didn’t want your email.
I understand that you get tons of this stuff a day, you out there, but with today’s email providers, it really shouldn’t be a hassle. Just delete and move on.
Next time take the time to read one that looks interesting. Not the Viagra, etc ones...but the ones that look Too Good to Be True. Sometimes those are the ones I make the most money with. Why? Not because I hook people into thinking they’ll be wealthy overnight, but because these programs do work, when you stay focused, stay legal, and follow simple instructions.
There will always be liars, scammers and cheaters. Can’t get around it. But the next time you feel like reporting spam, stop and think for a minute.
Think about this: Could this be someone who has limited income who’s making some extra cash online and would like to show you how to do the same. That’s a win win for everyone if you ask me.
Could it be someone who’s Social Security Check is squat and they’re just trying to pay their bills.
Think about these things please. Do not lump all commercial email into the Spam Dump. I think people are smart enough and know the difference.
Some people get offended because it’s a privacy issue, but they don’t think twice about those commercials on TV, the billboards on the highway, or even the ads in their magazines.
For all the spam complaining going on,I must say: It must work, or they wouldn’t be doing it. Hmmm.
I do not spam. I am always compliant and teach my members to do the same. We don’t want to waste your time and ours emailing someone who doesn’t want it.
So do us a favor. Just ask to be removed. Or take a look. It just may change your life forever, like it did mine.
If you really do want to find a*Legal*Easy*Fast Program that you don’t have to sell to your friends and family, or do hotel room get togethers or the like, take a look at my links.
I love to help other people to achieve their dreams. I have been blessed, and I can only keep it if I give it away.
Please in the future, think twice about using that Spam button. Don’t believe the hype. Email marketers pay for their services and us legal mailers use our own servers that we pay for and only email to those who’ve asked to be emailed.
If you’ve received an unwanted email that has a valid removal link, a physical address, it’s not spam.
Chances are you filled out a form somewhere to get that free lotto pick, totebag or freebie, and your address was sold. Always read the fine print.
Don’t blame us.
Thanks for reading.
If you want to be mentored by me, and really start reaching your financial goals, get out of debt, or just like to help others, contact me at the info below.
Thanks for reading,
Lisa Sorensen
Moonlit Enterprises
EST. 1998


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