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Finally An Online Business Anyone Can Do With No Selling and They Call It… The Automated Sales System – Coastal Vacations


Coastal Vacations Director & Business Success Coach, Mike Fern has been looking at hundreds of online business models for many years in order to determine how the average person, with no previous business or internet experience, or those who have tried an online business or MLM and failed, can actually succeed and flourish online.

A successful home-based business entrepreneur, real estate investor and business success coach himself, with over 21 years of experience in the home-based business industry, Mike was determined to discover a home-based business model or system that anyone could use to make money from home.

During a recent interview, Mike said, “It’s one of my passions to help other people achieve financial freedom and wealth working from home, and sadly most people fail for one reason or another when they enter the world of home business startup. And one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most of the people I meet or talk with is the reluctance to sell and the fear of the sales process. Most of us are afraid of rejection and the idea of offering a product or service to a potential customer with the possibility of them saying, “NO!”, is a bit scary. And the idea of 5 or 10 of those prospects in a row, saying “no” is down-right revolting.”

So Mike determined that in order for a business model to be viable for the majority of people looking for a home-based business, it has to remove the “rejection” factor out of the sales process.

Mike goes on, “Well there are a few ways to do that. Some business opportunities offer a standalone website that does the complete sales presentation for you. Some are good, some not so good and many are down-right terrible in my opinion. Online stand alone presentations can be viable when the price-point of your product is under a certain threshold. When people are spending what they consider to be “a lot of money”, they want the reassurance of talking to a live body, where they know if they run into problems with the product or service, they can talk to someone to either resolve the problem or get a refund.”

He continued. "So if an individual wants to use a standalone website presentation, likely they are going to have to choose a product or service with a low price point threshold. The problem with this is for the majority of people, there isn’t enough profit per sale to justify their advertising expenditures. This is why high price point product offerings have emerged on the internet in the last several years; one of them being, Coastal Vacations.

While Coastal has excellent products and a high price-point profit ratio, the problem still remains that the home-based business owner is still ultimately required to Sell, Explain, Convince and Close. And the bottom line is most people are either not comfortable with that sales process, or don’t have the skills to do so effectively"

This is where the Automated Sales System – Coastal Vacations fits the bill.

A spokesperson for The Automated Sales System stated, "This is a proven system so simple your 80 year old Grandma can do it! It has the potential to earn those who use it many thousands of dollars monthly. There is no selling, telling, convincing or explaining at all. You don’t chase the prospects. We do it for you! We follow up with your prospects, answer their questions and finally we close the sale and direct your prospect with your favorite payment method. A totally automated marketing system that gives you back your life. The Automated Sales System – Coastal Vacations is designed for the busy professional or entrepreneur, stay at-home mom, couch potato, senior citizen. .. just about anyone who likes working smarter than harder and making great money doing it!

Why not let our Professional Marketing Assistants close your sales FOR YOU and YOU get the money?!
You’ll make $1,000, $3,200 or $9,700 Per Sale, Paid Daily. And then pay your Professional Marketing Assistant a small commission for each sale they make for you. If you’re not currently making all the money online that you want to be by now you are already beginning to realize, this offer makes sense to you.”

So after reviewing their business model and the products, Mike Fern decided this was a business he could promote and offer to his clients, knowing that with his personal mentoring, their chances of success would be high! Mike told us he believes in multiple streams of income and this is high on his list of businesses that actually make money online for the majority of business opportunity seekers that are looking for a truly automated sales process.

For more information on the Automated Sales System – Coastal Vacations or Mike Fern, please visit the site and submit a ‘Contact Us’ form under the “Get Your Questions Answered” button.


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