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Coastal Vacations Call Center Provides Success Platform


The hybrid Coastal Vacations business delivers success with the marriage of the traditional business model and the modern business world.

California based Director Dean Marino feels a simple system, focused training, maximum support, and a quality product with a 27 year track record are just some of the reasons for their runaway success.

The ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business utilizes the services of the original Coastal Vacations Call Center. It is already the largest and fastest growing group in the top rated home based business program, but recent upgrades have shifted the popular business model into high gear. Learn more at .

It’s no wonder that their competition appears smaller and smaller as they view them through the rear view mirror mired in dust. “A simple business model that retains all the best aspects of the traditional business without all the headaches is hard to beat. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we improved it. We offer a state-of-the-art wheel that rolls with less effort.” So says California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino.

The Level 3 Director explained; "The fact that unprincipled Coastal sponsors have resorted to innuendo and flat out lies to try to sway prospects away from joining this ultra-successful business model, tells me they are unable to muster any real competition for it.

“The maximum support provided by this user friendly business model is producing dramatic results compared to the traditional business model other potential sponsors offer. It gives associates all the benefits of owning their own business without all the headaches. Best of all, we put our members in control of their business rather than making them slaves to it"

Marino sees more and more traditional Coastal Vacations members moving to the successful system he offers because they have grown tired of the failure rates their members have suffered with the old system.

The California based Director salutes those who have made the move, because he knows they genuinely care about the people they bring into the business. He explained that; “Some traditional sponsors just want to grab the money and run, but I see many join our group because they want their members to have the very best chance for success---and that means giving them all the tools"

Coastal Vacations Entrepreneurs rave about the flexibility the hybrid business offers. Since the new wave business model concentrates on teaching marketing skills, members feel they get more detailed and focused training. Compare that to the old business model that tries unsuccessfully to force feed a large bucket full of skills to individuals who can only devote a few hours a day to learning. The robust training website and live interactive training calls educate members on over 170 ways to market the business.

As Marino said; "Purchasing leads and calling them is just one of the methods we teach. It has been successful for the 5% of the traditional Coastal Vacations business owners that have committed the long hard hours required.

“Our business model is ideal for those who want to make calls. While many traditional Coastal sponsors boast that they only work 17 hours a week or take 3 day weekends, our members have a full time staff they can 3-way calls to. One of the great things about our business model is that our message is much more appealing.

“Just because a new member joined our business because of the telephone and closing skills of his sponsor does not mean he will need to duplicate that method in order to have success. Most of our sales are made by members who have never called the prospect"

With the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, members get the specialization they see in the real world. As Marino put it; "Doctors don’t call to verify appointments, they have staff members do that. The podiatrist does not perform heart surgery and dentistry either.

Associates are taught specialized knowledge in marketing and advertising and later help pass that knowledge on to new members. They are not required to perform presentations, follow up, ask for the money and close sales.

Account executives handle many of the details that new members find difficult to master. Employees at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center also ship the travel packages to new members. They even plug those new members into the robust training website and live training so they can start learning to market effectively.

Interestingly enough, Marino explained that; "Many new Coastal Vacations associates have never owned their own successful business before. In the traditional business model, that means they must wear all the hats for the first time. They are the marketer, salesperson, follow-up coordinator, closer, product procurement manager, accountant, copywriter, webmaster and chief trainer.

That is a daunting set of skill sets for a novice business owner to acquire and that is why the overwhelming majority of them fail to ever make a dime. As Marino said “Most are uncomfortable asking for the sale and the money, and unfortunately in this business, if you don’t ask for it, you don’t get it.”

New home based business owners favor longevity and stability over a “ground floor” opportunity with a start up that may not survive the first six months. They love that the Coastal Vacations product has roots that go back over 27 years and has existed as a top rated home based business for over 12 years.

Familiar brand names like Disney, Hilton, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines, Avis and Hertz further increase their comfort level with the product and business.

It is obvious to Marino that the success members are having continues to attract more and more new members. He feels a big part of the hybrid’s success is that potential members can easily visualized having success with the simple business model.

A user friendly business model with maximum support, a quality product with a track record that exceeds 27 years, and familiar brand names has certainly combined for a winning combination. For more information about Dean Marino’s hybrid Coastal Vacations business go to .


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