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Marketing Director Brings Quantum Physics To The Home Hydroponics Garden


Release Date: November 8, 2006. Not Embargoed
Subject: Prosperity Marketer Arrives At Hydroponics Company
From: Advanced Nutrients, located in Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada

Contact Information: Company Co-Founder and President Robert C. Higgins

Phone: 604 854 6793. Email:

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What is the meaning of life? And how does the meaning of life have anything to do with the life of plants and gardeners?

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to find that the marketing director of a hydroponics company believes that gardening is connected to the meaning of life.

Len Wright was recently hired to supervise Internet marketing and other marketing functions for a Canadian-based, international hydroponics company called Advanced Nutrients.

The company was founded by Michael Straumietis, Rob Higgins and Gino Yordanov six years ago. It has now become the premier hydroponics fertilizer company in a very competitive market.

The company is based near Vancouver, British Columbia but has manufacturing, distribution and retail facilities worldwide.

It has created and manufactured a proprietary line of plant growth and plant protection products that allow growers of all types of plants to have virtually complete control over all phases of plant growth and garden environment.

The main benefits of Advanced Nutrients products, says Wright, are increased yields, higher quality, healthier plants and trees, and cost savings.

Before Wright was hired by Advanced Nutrients, a series of business experiences and personal challenges led him to research the human mind and spirit.

He was looking for the key to “success.” Not just financial success, although that’s important, he says, but also the success of the soul. Wright sought ways to do good in the world, to feel proud of one’s actions, and to be financially rewarded so that he and his family could live a safe, comfortable life.

Wright’s studies much focused on quantum physics as it relates to human thought, behaviour and potential.

Quantum physics is an increasingly influential scientific field that examines the nature of existence at the “quantum level.”

Discarding old ideas that molecules and atoms are the smallest particles in the universe, quantum physics theory and research gives credence to radical scientists- as well as to mystics, sages and religious leaders! What quantum physics seems to indicate is that all of us, and indeed the entire universe, is a unified field that combines matter and energy.

This theory logically leads to the conclusion that everything is interrelated, and that what we see with our eyes is only a shallow outer form of a much deeper reality.

In that reality are powers and possibilities relating to the human mind, choices, intention, vibrational frequencies, success, health, and what some would call karma.

If all this sounds like New Age babble, be advised that quantum physics is science-based and has been heralded by a variety of thinkers who say it provides a more realistic view of reality than most previous views.

The Dalai Lama, the Buddhist monk revered worldwide for his work on behalf of peace and justice, has written a book (The Universe in a Single Atom) that links quantum physics to traditional Buddhist teachings about the nature of existence.

Other scholars, religious leaders, and theorists have stated that quantum physics proves that human beings, plants, time, matter, energy and even the universe itself are parts of a quantum field of “being” that links life, matter and energy.

Before Wright joined the Advanced Nutrients team, he founded his “Prosperity Prophet” website to show people how quantum physics, positive thinking, and “universal laws” can create material, spiritual and physical wealth.

That’s the same reason he chose to work for Advanced Nutrients, he says. He wanted to show gardeners how to use the best hydroponics tools available to create prosperous hydroponics plants.

“Prosperity is about being the best. Advanced Nutrients is the best company in the hydroponics market. The opportunity to be with the best company gives me substantial advantages as a marketer,” Wright explains. “The synergy of the company and its owners places Advanced Nutrients on the leading edge of the hydroponics industry. They’ve created a product line that achieves huge benefits for growers.”

Both Wright and Advanced Nutrients co-founder Robert Higgins see connections between prosperity, quantum theory, success, positive thinking, and hydroponics gardening.

“One of the main goals we’ve had as a company is to get everybody to realize that growing flowers, fruits, nuts, veggies and other crops isn’t just for corporate farmers and agribusiness,” Higgins explains. “With our products and our product support, anybody can grow winning crops. We want everybody to have a victory garden that produces great food, flowers that brighten their home, or other important crops. And in that process, they learn about the abundance of Nature and how to use the positive process of growing living things to make a better world.”

Wright says that the entire marketing model of Advanced Nutrients is set up to create prosperity for retailers who sell the company’s products and customers who use them.

He notes that products are rigorously tested and re-tested in gardening environments identical to those used by the company’s customers, and that company scientists are constantly upgrading products to create more powerful formulas that push plants and trees to give maximum production.

Companies that aren’t based on the prosperity principal are motivated only by a narrow definition of profits. Advanced Nutrients is based on a win-win philosophy that sees the company as partnering with growers and retailers to achieve mutual success.

What Wright calls the “law of attraction” is also at work for the company’s customers, he says.

The act of gardening is inherently a positive process, with the awesome power of life springing forth from seeds, utilizing light and nutrition, and growing to produce delicious fruit, vegetables, and nuts, or beautiful flowers, herbs and natural medicines.

When people approach activities with thoughts and feelings characterized by joy, hope, and anticipation of great results, they attract great results, Wright asserts.

Citing a movie called “The Secret” (, Wright sees Advanced Nutrients’ high quality products and its 100% money-back performance guarantee as examples of prosperity consciousness and the law of attraction.

“The products are designed to work flawlessly,” Wright states. “We provide more customer support and technical advice than any other hydroponics company so customers are empowered to feel confident about gardening. We offer the money-back guarantee so they have no fear of failure or loss. They start their gardens with hope and knowledge, and then they reap the rewards. This is how the law of attraction works in the world of hydroponics, and it works because Advanced Nutrients is based on positive, progressive principals and is centered on providing a great customer experience.”


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