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Advanced Nutrients Creates The World’s First Hydroponics Encyclopedia, And Virtual Internet People To Talk About It


Release Date: October 16, 2006. Not Embargoed
Subject: Hydroponics Encyclopedia Unveiled
From: Advanced Nutrients, located in Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada

Contact Information: Company Co-Founder and President Robert C. Higgins

Phone: 604 854 6793. Email:

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Hydroponics is an art and science. It involves growing plants in something other than soil. Sometimes growers use a sterile media that holds roots and absorbs liquid nutrients. Or growers can use a hydroponics technique known as “aquaponics” to grow plants so that the roots hang suspended in space and are periodically sprayed with nutrient-rich moisture.

Although humans have used hydroponics techniques for thousands of years, only in the last 50 years has hydroponics become a highly-developed, scientific agricultural method.

Today, with global warming and loss of soil moisture and topsoil destroying vast agricultural acreage, more and more people are turning to hydroponics.

Until six years ago, however, people who wanted to grow hydroponically were unable to find fertilizer and other plant growth products that worked well in hydroponics gardens.

That’s because the few companies that marketed products to hydroponics growers had played a trick on growers by advertising the products as specially designed for hydroponics uses when actually the product ingredients were identical to those meant for general purpose gardening and agriculture.

This generic approach caused many problems for growers because hydroponics plants and systems have specialized needs that are not met by generic fertilizers. Before the Advanced Nutrients company was founded by Robert C. Higgins, Gino Yordanov and Michael Straumietis in British Columbia seven years ago, hydroponics customers and store owners were complaining that the existing hydroponics companies were making weak, poorly-designed products that did not produce high yields of quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Indeed, Yordanov, Higgins and Straumietis got into the hydroponics business because they wanted to fill the void left by the unprofessional, generic approach of their competitors.

“We heard what the customers wanted, we asked a team of scientists to create products that would work great in hydroponics gardens, and then we brought these products into the marketplace,” explains Advanced Nutrients president Robert Higgins from the international company’s home office near Vancouver, Canada. “The response has been tremendous. People tell us they are so relieved to finally be able to buy fertilizers and supplements that are made and tested specifically for hydroponics plants and gardens.”

One of the flagship principals of the company’s approach is that hydroponics growing is more complicated than soil growing, so growers need a bigger “toolkit” to optimize growth and solve horticultural problems.

Whereas most hydroponics companies sell a basic fertilizer and a handful of additives, Advanced Nutrients offers dozens of specialty and general purpose products, many of which are unique in the industry.

And the company is always seeking to do itself one better, Higgins says, so international research and design teams constantly analyze existing products to make them work better, and also design new products so customers will get faster growth, higher yields and better quality from their crops.

“Many companies are selling the same products this year that they sold ten years ago,” Higgins asserts. “They aren’t doing new r & d. They aren’t looking at new science data and upgrading their stuff. We never rest on our laurels. We look for ways to exceed what we achieved before so customers will have newer and better ways of meeting their agricultural needs.”

The relentless research and product development has resulted in a slew of new formulas released this year, including formulas containing top secret ingredients that cost Advanced Nutrients lots of money to procure.

But the company is not just ahead of the game when it comes to product design and performance.

It’s also the industry leader in customer education and marketing. This year, such leadership resulted in the debut of (a much-lauded new website).

As with their products, Advanced Nutrients never rests when it comes to upgrading its media and Internet presence. They hired top-ranked computer experts and web analysts to help them re-design their website so it better served consumers.

The latest changes to the revamped site include the world’s first hydroponics encyclopedia. The company calls it “Advancedepdia.”

This online information resource is geared towards providing product and hydroponics information to all levels of hydroponics growers- from amateur to professional.

It features product descriptions and instructions for use, but it also offers lengthy technical reports that show how the company’s scientists designed the products to be the most potent formulas for growers. The encyclopedia offers information for several product categories. It’s easy to use and read, but there’s also a lot of depth for those who want to learn plant science and the art of hydroponics product design.

“We’ve got incredible technical information on there, but Advancedepdia is only going to get better. We have researchers who are looking for even better ways to explain hydroponics and our products and we will be loading the tool with even more information every week,” Higgins promises.

Beginning soon, visitors to will be greeted by virtual company representatives.

Company founder Michael Straumietis is seen in an exciting video-audio segment. He explains how the site works and invites customers to sign up for a free newsletter that offers “insider information from the wealthiest hydroponics growers.”

Another company spokesperson, this one a beautiful, luscious blonde woman, will also be seen and heard on the site. She’ll discuss specific products, such as Big Bud, in a way that will especially appeal to a lot of male growers.

“Our overall theme is to keep doing better and better in all areas,” Higgins explains. “We upgrade our products, our information systems, our customer support and our range of products all the time. We never sit back and become complacent. The world needs at least one hydroponics company that is committed to giving growers the best tools so they can get the biggest yields of the most valuable product. Advanced Nutrients is that company.”



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