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Ways to Make Supporters a Big Part of Fundraising for Non-Profits; Givecentral Discusses

How could a nonprofit turn its supporters into fundraising superstars who could spearhead the campaign for it?

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Ways to make supporters a big part of Fundraising for Non-profits.
Ways to make supporters a big part of Fundraising for Non-profits.

Any Nonprofit which is serious about what it is doing and is worth its salt enjoys the support of a legion of supporters. Some give their support based on the events. They contribute if they feel passionately about the issue. Then there are the long term supporters who act as the engines of growth for any nonprofit. Fundraising for nonprofits is hugely dependent on supporters. One needs to optimize their results from these supporters and turn them into fundraising superstars. This would require the right combination of fundraising expertise, the latest technology and staff members who are highly motivated.

If all this is managed and done well, the supporters could end up bringing in a lot of funds and new donors to the nonprofit. Online fundraising presents an opportunity to turn the supporters into fundraisers. One just needs to grab this opportunity with both hands and stay ahead of the curve to lead the way.

Here are a few ways that could help a nonprofit to turn their supporters into fundraising superstars.

Creating an online community
One needs to create an online community for all their fundraisers to interact and share their ideas. Sharing of ideas would give a nonprofit the best results.

Social Media Marketing
Non-profits need to encourage their supporters to make the maximal use of social media. This is the digital age where people derive most of their information online. In such a scenario, marketing oneís fundraising events on social media could garner maximum support and show the best results.

Offer Rewards for different fundraising levels
Fundraising could be turned into a game and made more interesting by the offer of different rewards for different fundraising levels achieved. Different motivations could work for different people.

Forming teams of fundraisers
Teams are usually more successful when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. Moreover, they add camaraderie and competition to all these efforts.

Providing Samples of everything
A nonprofit might have already garnered a lot of experience through their various fundraising efforts. Why not make it of use for their supporters and let them build on it for their fundraising success. Supplying sample Facebook posts, messages used for marketing, tweets, fundraising emails, phone scripts, thank you notes, approved logos, etc. could go a long way in making life much easier for the supporters.

Sharing Great Stories
Sharing great success stories could be one way of motivating oneís supporters. Telling them how to raise money, the challenges that they are most likely to face, the impact that their donations are going to have on the campaign could be of great help.

Provide them with fundraising tips
Providing the supporters with all the fundraising tips could help them get started. They could learn from the non-profitís experience and just go on to get the most out of it. Numerous ideas should be shared so that they figure out in the end what works best for them.

Donor Management Software
Non-profits could share how the use of a donor management software simplifies things for them. A donor management software like that of GiveCentral could come really handy in all the fundraising efforts.

Keep the Supporters Updated
All the supporters must be kept in loop about all the money being raised. Telling them about how the nonprofit is going to use those funds and showing them the direct link between the raising of funds and the impact brought could motivate them further. Moreover, it would make them feel a part of the larger community.

Throwing Celebratory Dinners annually
Throwing an annual Thank You dinner or party could be a way of connecting with all the donors. It could be used as an opportunity to thank all the supporters and motivating them for future participation.

Ask the supporters to share their ideas on the campaign
Asking the supporters to share their ideas and opinions on the campaign could help make them feel closer to the community. Moreover, there could be a range of new ideas which could make the campaign better.

Implement all the good ideas
Flexibility is the key. Implementing all the good ideas will make the campaign better. Moreover, it will allow the supporters to take ownership of the campaign and feel responsible for its success. If an idea is not implemented, they should know why it is not.

Quick Response to Questions and Complaints
If there are problems and the response time is slow, it could lead to some really frustrated fundraisers. The longer it takes, the lesser would be the fundraising momentum. Therefore, it is highly advisable to be on oneís toes when it comes to providing responses to questions and complaints. It also shows how serious one is about their campaign.

These were a few ways to turn oneís supporters into fundraising superstars. A lot of support is necessary for success in fundraising for non-profits. One could learn from these ideas and move towards having a great successful campaign.

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