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Yuvee announces a major new release of with a focus on #multishare maps that take sharing web content to a new level

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Screen capture of a student made #multishare map on the show Mr. Robot
Screen capture of a student made #multishare map on the show Mr. Robot

Tim Higginson, founder, says: “We hope people and businesses enjoy and benefit from #multishare maps! Multisharing is a much richer experience for everyone than sharing one link to one piece of content at a time.”

Yuvee announces a major new release of its flagship website at, with a specific focus on the multishare feature. 
WebHub offers people and businesses the ability to share and use dynamic collections of links to a range of content from around the Web, each with a unique URL.  Each collection is what we call a “multishare map.”  The term “multishare” comes from sharing multiple links together.  The term “map” is used because each collection is a structured, multi-layered presentation of links to web content, annotated and with integrated art and informational legends about the map and the map maker. 
These multishare maps bring to the Web an expanded but similar role to the one geographic maps play in delivering a richer experience of the physical world.  The user interface is optimized for smartphones, and applied across all devices so each map is the same across any device.
The content people love on any topic is spread across many websites and social networks, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, Periscope, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and Giphy. Frequently content collected from a number of these or other sources tell a more engaging story when shared together than when shared separately. For instance, perhaps there are 5 great Tumblr blogs, 3 Pinterest boards, 2 YouTube videos, 5 entertaining Twitter feeds and one search query string about a hit show or a band that someone finds particularly telling.  Or perhaps there are 5 outstanding articles on a current event. Anyone can collect them all in a multishare map, and share the collection seamlessly in all the places people and businesses use to share content using just a link to the map. In this and a myriad of other ways, multishare maps open a host of new possibilities for individuals and businesses alike for sharing, engaging with and exploring the widest range of content on topics of interest.
The way many people currently share and consume items of interest is by a single link to whatever it is, such as a link to a photo, a video, an article, a blog or a PDF.  This is highly limiting for many reasons.  Single posts tend to disappear in social media streams almost immediately, and do not have the richness of the context of a personally curated collection of related links. Without the advance of multisharing, when people want to share multiple links, they are limited to a few options, such as putting them in a static email, an online article, a series of posts or a static list somewhere. 
Any map maker can add links to a map on an ongoing basis, so they change and evolve over time according to the preference of the map maker, while the map URL stays the same. Maps are not static like a list of links sent by email or posted in an article. Everyone with the map has instant access on an immediate basis to each map maker’s personal, highly expressive view of the newest set of links on the topic at their fingertips, anytime, from any device. A map maker can invite friends or colleagues to grow the map over time, adding to the “multishare” aspect of WebHub maps.

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