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#1: WHO WILL FILL ARAFAT’S SHOES AND WHAT IMPACT WILL IT HAVE ON AMERICAN INTERESTS?: 69-year-old Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen), a former prime minister and “peace” negotiator, was elected chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and is widely believed to become the next all around Palestinian leader. Abu Mazen (the name he is better know as) worked in as the PLO’s No. 2 official under Arafat, now assumes the three most powerful titles formerly held by Arafat.-- leader of the Fatah movement, president of the Palestinian Authority, and head of the PLO. Cabinet minister Ibrahim Abu Najah said the PLO executive committee voted unanimously, for Mazen and that no one else will compete with him in the upcoming PLO presidential elections. The virtually unknown... More Details. To schedule an interview with VICTOR MORDECAI, call: 630-848-0750.

#2: ‘KINSEY’ FILM FLIES IN THE FACE OF MIDDLE AMERICA MORAL VALUES: Culture Clash 101: Moral Values vs. the new film about the sexual obsessions of Alfred Kinsey. In light of the exit polls in the recent elections showing the number one factor that brought voters to the polls, the question remains: Will there be a moral backlash from the new Kinsey film? (opening November 12). Morality in Media president Robert Peters says, “Yes,” and is conducting talk shows about the film. The following is a statement by Mr. Peters: “Kinsey is an effort to rehabilitate a ‘father’ of the hellish sexual revolution who has been discredited because of his debauched lifestyle and the misinformation he spread about sex. “In Kinsey’s mind, religion and morality were the hated... More Details. To schedule an interview with ROBERT PETERS, call: 630-848-0750.

#3: EXIT POLLS: MORAL VALUES #1: Political pundits and the media “elite” were dumbfounded when the political exit polls showed that the number one issue that brought voters to the polls was “Moral Values.” “Moral Values--what are they?” asked the political “experts” as they scratched their heads. Integrity Online President Skip Mathews fills in the blanks of what moral values fill the minds of citizens of Middle America (a.k.a. the Red States), the very concerns that never even appeared on radar screens of the major networks. But beside the more publicized issues of same sex marriage and abortion, Mathews discusses one of the most ignored areas of moral concern: the Internet and what images our children are viewing. Skip... More Details. To schedule an interview with SKIP MATHEWS AND BYRON CHEATHAM, call: 630-848-0750.

#4: CAN SPECTER BLOCK BUSH’S JUDICIAL CHOICES?: Conservatives are in danger of losing their first major battle in Washington. Even though Republicans won the Presidency, the House and the Senate, they may be about to lose any chance of getting conservative judges through the new Senate – because ultra-liberal REPUBLICAN Arlen Specter has his sights on TAKING CONTROL OF THE U.S. SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. National Review called Arlen Specter the "Worst Republican Senator.” Interview guest WILLIAM GREENE, founder of (the conservative response to, is conducting interviews warning of the dangers of allowing Arlen Specter to gain a stranglehold over the U. S. Senate. Greene repeatedly warned the nation about Specter... More Details. To schedule an interview with WILLIAM GREENE, call: 630-848-0750.

#5: RELIGION, MORAL VALUES AND PROPHECY: HOW CLOSE ARE WE TO THE END? IS THE US IN BIBLE PROPHECY? Religion, sex and politics: Three topics we’re taught to avoid talking about in public… …but they are three of the hottest topics for talk shows today: #1: Religion #2: Sex #3: Politics Audiences today have been inundated with the #3 topic of politics until they are blue in the face. The election is over. People want to “move on” from politics for a while. And, of course, #2 topic of sex has been showcased in everything from talk shows to the Internet and everything in between. So, what ever happened to the number one, most popular and controversial topic, #1 Religion, good old fashioned religion? Immediately following the... More Details. To schedule an interview with BENJAMIN BARUCH, call: 630-848-0750.

#6: IS $5.00/GALLON GAS AROUND THE CORNER? The New Era of Economic Terrorism: 12 Questions you may ask the next terrorist or politican you run into: 1) Would you trust a terrorist with your money? 2) Isn’t that what we are doing when we buy gas at inflated prices from nations that sponsor terrorism? 3) How many new terrorist attacks can be financed from each $1/barrel price hike? 4) Who controls gas prices, why are gas prices rising and how can we stop it? 5) If it’s our “allies,” the Saudi family, why are they raising prices? 6) Why can’t we just buy from Iraq, or just take over oil wells of terrorist nations? 7) Will The United States ultimately be held hostage over a barrel of oil and rising oil prices? 8) How much do oil companies have to do with... More Details. To schedule an interview with Craig Smith, call: 630-848-0750.

#7: PORN IN THE PULPIT (And in the Pews): In a recent Christianity Today survey, 37% of pastors admit that Internet pornography is a current personal struggle. The same survey stated that at least 75% of churches provide their staff with unfettered access to pornography. Another survey said over 50% of the men attending a “Promise Keeper’s” men’s conferences had viewed pornography the week prior to the event! Skip Mathews, President of Integrity Online (distributors of Internet content filters) is conducting non-judgmental talk show interviews, revealing the tremendous problem of Internet pornography in the church. With the divorce rate among Christians hovering slightly higher than for non Christians, it is a vital topic of interest... More Details. To schedule an interview with SKIP MATHEWS AND BYRON CHEATHAM, call: 630-848-0750.

#8: BLACK GOLD STRANGLEHOLD: $55/barrel Oil and Economic Terrorism: Economist/Author/CEO Craig Smith warns that a storm is coming - an inflationary “perfect storm” whipped up by skyrocketing oil prices that will lay waste to millions of portfolios if investors don’t prepare. During talk show interviews, Craig discusses a most dangerous form of terrorism: Economic Terrorism Craig explains that today the U.S. has less than 5% of the world’s total population, but consumes 25% of the world’s total supply of oil. Oil prices have jumped from $17 in 2001 to $55/barrel in October, 2004 -- skyrocketing 60 percent in the past year alone! CNN reports, "When the price of oil crossed $40 a barrel earlier this year, it generated nervous headlines and anxiety on Wall Street.... More Details. To schedule an interview with CRAIG SMITH, call: 630-848-0750.

#9: COCKED IN THE COCKPIT: SHOULD COMMERCIAL AIRLINE PILOTS BE ARMED? Currently, veteran US commercial airline pilots are trusted with jumbo jets filled with hundreds of people. If a pilot were suicidal, there is not much stopping him from intentionally crashing a jet into a tall building and just about any time and anywhere. So, why are liberal lawmakers fighting so hard to disarm pilots? The question our Special Guests, Larry and Erich Pratt, ask is, “Can we afford NOT to trust our pilots with guns?” How else is a pilot to defend himself against terrorists? How tough do we want to make it for pilots to be “trusted” with deadly weapons (as if a jumbo jet is not a potential weapon of mass destruction). Currently... More Details. To schedule an interview with LARRY PRATT, call: 630-848-0750.

#10: CONGRESS REPEALS DC GUN BAN!: Special Guests Larry and Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America discuss applaud the House vote by Congress repealing the gun ban for the District of Columbia. If the Senate and President follow suit the repeal would allow citizens in Washington, DC to own semi-automatic weapons to defend themselves and to defend our nation’s capitol. But while the repeal is in the crosshairs of reality, Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt warned that passing the measure in the Senate is an uphill fight. Said Pratt, “It’s a familiar refrain: The gun-grabbers clearly want to take away your ‘big, ugly’ semiautomatics but they claim they don’t support an outright firearms ban.” “That DC firearms ban,”... More Details. To schedule an interview with LARRY PRATT, call: 630-848-0750.

#11: “PORN IN THE DORM” funded by your tax dollars: So, you think it’s unthinkable that your hard earned tax dollars are going to fund students’ “rights” to unfettered access to hard core pornography in their dorm rooms? Think again. Recently a University of Texas task force recommended that the UT campus-wide Internet service continue to provide unfettered access to all pornographic and obscene material. According to task force head Mike Godfrey, “People do study porn for academic purposes and a filter might circumvent access to legitimate study.” In response to this action, SKIP MATTHEWS, President of Integrity Online commented, "Unfortunately UT’s stance is typical of most University environments. For almost all new college freshmen, instant... More Details. To schedule an interview with SKIP MATHEWS AND BYRON CHEATHAM, call: 630-848-0750.

#12: NUCLEAR SHOWDOWN: IRAN vs. US vs. UN vs. ISRAEL: Iran is edging ever closer to having full nuclear bomb making capability, having resumed the conversion of tons of uranium into gas (a.k.a. uranium enrichment), the key step in making fuel for a nuclear bomb or reactor. Although the International Atomic Energy Agency on Sept. 19, 2004 called for Tehran to suspend that enrichment, the question is who will have the will to do anything about it? The Bush administration might be hesitant in acting too forcefully in Iran due to the prior embarrassment over the Iraq WMD issue. A Kerry administration would likely seek UN approval prior to acting. The UN is unlikely to do anything in time, if ever, to stop the enrichment of uranium by Tehran. That... More Details. To schedule an interview with VICTOR MORDECAI, call: 630-848-0750.

#13: IS RUSSIA QUIETLY BECOMING A DICTATORSHIP AGAIN?: The Under Reported Story of Vladimir Putin Ousting Elected Leaders: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his stunning decision to put Russia’s fledgling democracy pretty much out of business. “President” Putin unilaterally declared that for future elections, the Kremlin will choose all regional government candidates allowed to run for “elections.” Putin’s excuse for the power grab was his need for greater control over terrorism in the aftermath of the recent Beslan school massacre. In addition, Duma deputies will be handpicked by parties for a parliament which may seem democratic, except that the Putin block holds a two-thirds majority, large enough to rewrite the constitution! The... More Details. To schedule an interview with VICTOR MORDECAI, call: 630-848-0750.

#14: CAN DAN! Full Page USA Today Ad Demands CBS Fire Dan Rather: The call for CBS President Les Moonves to fire Dan Rather is mounting as prepares has run full page ads in USA Today calling for the immediate dismissal of Dan Rather for his libelous reporting and his participation in tainting President Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service. WILLIAM GREENE is available for media interviews to discuss the ad campaign and the 80,000 email demands members of his grassroots organization already sent to CBS. About William Greene… founder William Greene, whom The Washington Times dubbed “a conservative Internet guru,” is the president of Strategic Internet Campaign Management, Inc. (SICM - pronounced "sic-’em who CBS News Sunday... More Details. To schedule an interview with WILLIAM GREENE, call: 630-848-0750.

#15: BAGHDAD BOMBINGS: ISLAM’S VIOLENT CORE: Islamic assailants continue to launch deadly bombings at Iraqi police headquarters and Western targets in Iraq and throughout the world. Islamic Expert/Author Dr. Hal Lindsey speaks on the topic of Islam’s Violent Core and how Muslim fundamentalists play by a different “ethics” book than the rest of the world, that allows them to conduct savage beheadings of innocent people wwithout even flinching. The suicide crews flew American planes into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon on 9-11 shouting, “Allah is great.” Clearly these Muslims saw themselves carrying out their actions for a religiously based cause in the name of Allah. It is important to note that these acts of barbarism... More Details. To schedule an interview with DR. HAL LINDSEY, call: 630-848-0750.

#16: SCHWARZENEGGER IS “GIRLIE MAN” ON GUNS! Interview guest Larry Pratt: Special Guests Larry and Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America says while the U.S. Congress moves to restore the rights of law-abiding citizens by allowing the Clinton/Feinstein Gun Ban to sunset, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stomps on California citizen’s rights by banning .50 BMG single shot bolt action rifles. Said Pratt, “These are firearms that have never been used in the commission of a crime in the state in over 81 years of their existence. This is the first time in California history that a single shot bolt action rifle of any kind is banned in the State.” “Schwarzenegger makes history again by being the first California Governor to ban a firearm that has never been used in a crime.... More Details. To schedule an interview with LARRY PRATT, call: 630-848-0750.

#17: The Ticking Time Bomb of U.S. Debt: America’s Looming Debt Time Bomb Economist/Author/CEO Craig R. Smith is conducting talk show interviews encouraging President Bush to address America’s monumental debt challenges. Craig poses seven tough economic questions, each of which, if not addressed properly, has the potential of sending our economy into a free fall: 1) The Federal government is approaching the ‘04 Congressional debt limit of $7.384 trillion. Will President Bush cut spending over the next 4 years? 2) Total U.S. debt (gov’t, corporate, and individual) is about $37 trillion -- more than three times gross national product. Americans get poorer by $2 billion per day. Who even mentions it, let alone explaining... More Details. To schedule an interview with CRAIG SMITH, call: 630-848-0750.

#18: RE-INVENTING DISNEY WITHOUT EISNER-ERA SMUT: In 1984 Michael Eisner came on the board of Disney. In 1986 Disney released its first R-rated movie, which coincidentally is about the time the Internet first came into commercial use. Interview guest SKIP MATHEWS of Integrity Online said, “Whether it’s a celebration of gay lifestyles at their theme parks, R-rated films or risqué programming on its ABC Network, it’s certainly not Walt’s Disney anymore. Like the Internet, you never know what you’re going to get from Disney these days.” With much of this liberal content taking hold under Eisner’s watch, it will be interesting to see if it continues after his departure. Better still, perhaps Mr. Eisner will “see the light” and work diligently... More Details. To schedule an interview with SKIP MATHEWS AND BYRON CHEATHAM, call: 630-848-0750.

#19: AL-QAEDA TARGETS AMERICAN FINANCE: Today Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge announced that there is credible intelligence revealing potential attacks on specific financial targets in New York City/NJ and DC. For several months now, Author/Economist CRAIG R. SMITH has been warning during interviews on CNBC and several dozen other radio and television talk shows that Al-Qaeda would wage “Economic Terrorism” on the United States. During the interviews Smith proposes precautions and solutions to economic terrorist threats. Smith, CEO of Swiss America Trading Corporation, said, “I have believed since the first attack back in ‘93 that the terrorists have their sites on the heart of America’s heart, Wall Street. The issuance of the... More Details. To schedule an interview with Craig Smith, call: 630-848-0750.

#20: KIDS, INTERNET PORN AND FILTERING TECHNOLOGY: It’s un-imaginable to think that parents in the U.S. would have hardcore pornographic material included with their other magazines, lying on the coffee table at home. During the interview, Integrity Online spokesmen SKIP MATHEWS or BYRON CHEATHAM explain it’s a fact that the overwhelming majority of these same parents have an Internet connection in their home providing unrestricted “one click” access to over four million pornographic websites. Internet porn is as easy to access as flipping the pages on a magazine. And with new high-speed connections, it can even be faster. Today’s parents are raising the first generation children that have never known a world without unrestricted access to... More Details. To schedule an interview with Skip Mathews, call: 630-848-0750.

#21: WORKPLACE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM : In the wake of the 9th District Court decision outlawing the phrase "One nation under God” from the Pledge, ALAN REINACH discusses the importance of seizing the moral high ground and voting in religious freedom assurances in the workplace, not just in schools. He reports on current and likely future state of religious freedoms in the U.S. Alan’s second topic: Opposition to the Supreme Court decision that cleared the way for same sex marriages in Massachusetts to be consummated as soon as May 2004... More Details. To schedule an interview with Alan Reinach, call: 630-848-0750.

#22: IS ECONOMIC TERRORISM NEXT?: A 1,300-year-old gold dagger may soon plunge deep into America’s financial heart! Author and financial expert CRAIG SMITH tells listeners of intelligence data, extracted through aggressive interrogation of al Qaeda operatives at Guantanamo Bay Military Base, confirms a massive economic terror attack by radical Islam is under way. Smith explains that Islam was founded around A.D.700 and from the very beginning Muslims used a gold coin called a Gold Dinar as their form of money that remained the official Islamic currency until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1924, when it disappeared for 77 years. On Nov. 7, 2001 The Islamic Dinar was officially re-launched by the Islamic Mint in West Malaysia and is now available to the public. Islamic leaders are pushing for 1.5 BILLION Muslims to drop the U.S. Dollar and adopt the Gold Dinar as their primary currency! Since the reissue of the Gold Dinar, the U.S. Dollar has dropped to a RECORD LOW against the Euro, while the price of gold has SOARED from about $280 per ounce to an 8-year RECORD HIGH of over $400 per ounce. Craig has been interviewed by: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNBC, FOX, TNT, CBN, TBN, Time, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times and Newsweek.
.. More Details. To schedule an interview with Craig Smith, call: 630-848-0750.

#23: ISLAM’S IMPACT ON THE FUTURE OF AMERICA: Best Selling author DR. HAL LINDSEY (The Late Great Planet Earth, over 40 million copies sold) explains the ancient fight-to-the-death conflict (a.k.a. terrorism) between Arabs and Jews that exploded on the shores of the U.S. Sept. 11. Though most Americans didn’t realize it, we were already involved in this struggle driven by hatred that dates back over 4000 years. According to Dr. Lindsey, Islamic fundamentalism’s purpose is to replace the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order... More Details. To schedule an interview with Hal Lindsey, call: 630-848-0750.

#24: PORNOGRAPHY PROLIFERATION ON THE INTERNET: Morality in Media President ROBERT PETERS discusses the seemingly endless stream or porn emails and web pages and what listeners can do to fight back in an era of rarely enforced federal obscenity laws, even against distributors of hard-core pornography. He gives gruesome statistics of the proliferation of pornography on the Web and millions of unsolicited email pop-up porn images assaulting unsuspecting men, women and children. But there’s hope. Mr. Peters has tells listeners about a new whistle blowers Web site where they can help shut down the illegal porn peddlers. Robert has appeared as a guest on many television programs including three times on Larry King. .. More Details. To schedule an interview with Robert Peters, call: 630-848-0750.

#25: FAMILY-FRIENDLY FILMS: The Author of “Above the Stars,” KEITH CLEMONS, compares the violence and blood of The Passion to shocking scenes in mainstream Hollywood films. He gives excellent analysis of what kind of films sell and why... More Details. To schedule an interview with Keith Clemons, call: 630-848-0750.

#26: SUPREME COURT PORN RULING: SUPREME COURT’S INTERNET PORN RULING RUNS COUNTER TO INTENT OF FIRST AMENDMENT Morality in Media President ROBERT PETERS contends in a just-released analysis that the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on June 29 to affirm a lower court’s preliminary injunction against enforcement of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) runs counter to the intent of the Constitution because it thwarts the repeated efforts of Congress to protect children from Internet pornography. During the interview, Mr. Peters explains, “Clearly, the Constitution, as our nation’s founding fathers understood the document and as the Supreme Court itself understood it for almost 200 years, was not intended to cripple government’s... More Details. To schedule an interview with Robert Peters, call: 630-848-0750.

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