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Dhani Joshi Announces The 8 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting An Online Business

Finally Revealed: The 8 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make In The Online Marketing Industry and How You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes.

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Online Marketing/Business Expert Dhani Joshi reveals the latest news and lessons to give the unfair advantage to home business, online business owners to avoid these common mistakes.

After being in the industry and observing what is working right now in the marketplace, Dhani Joshi says these are the common biggest mistakes that must be avoided.

The 8 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting and Growing An Online Business:

1. Not having the right mentor.

A Mentor is someone who guides and gives a step by step action plan, which holds accountability to making sure that the student/client is on track to achieving the desired income goal that is set. This helps the student on the right track, just like a driving instructor is needed to ensure the student is on the right track. It’s the same for running or growing a profitable online business.

“The fastest way to become successful in an online business or any business is to follow the lead of those leaders already achieving the results.” A mentor eliminates all of the challenges and frustrations and gets the student into clarity to sky rocket the desired goals set.

2. Not following a proven right system

Not having a system is one of the biggest reasons why most fail online. Without a System its just guess work where most people let the boat go in the direction of the wind. A System stands for “ Saving Yourself, Time Energy, and Money,” states Dhani Joshi. A system helps people discover the fast track to success, and the quickest way to profit and to avoid wasting a lot of extra time, energy and effort. By getting a mentor anyone can get the right systems to fast-track their online success.

3. Don’t join the right community and not attending events.

Being part of right community and attending live events is like a life saver. When people are getting started online, they need to know if it’s real and possible to grow a profitable internet business to earn passive income. Many get excited which often leads them to tell others about it. Sadly others are most likely to never support or believe in them. They don’t believe it’s even possible to start an online business. A community of like minded people which provides support and empowers those that are part of the same family is what will sky rocket the belief level and chances of success. Their main goal is to support and help new comers to get to where they truly want to be in the journey of an online entrepreneur.

Joshi says after being privately trained and mentored by multi-millionaires in the online marketing industry, it increased the belief and action level as well as changes the direction of life forever. It eliminates all dis-belief, frustration, overwhelm, confusion right away.

4. Don’t have a high converting sales funnel

It’s very important to have a high converting sales funnel, which is a sales machine that helps and guides anyone to build the desired income very fast, by leveraging a community and a proven mentor.

The two most important parts of an online business is "Traffic and a High converting funnel. Those two together creates ultimate leverage.

5. Don’t have the right Mindset

The most important thing to become an entrepreneur is “Mindset”. An employee and entrepreneur minds are two completely different mindsets, which is where most people mistake a business for a Job. Entrepreneurs get paid based on results. An employee gets paid based on time. Joshi states that the fastest way to have an entrepreneur mindset is to start reading books and listening to audio tapes in a daily basis for an hour, to start changing and conditioning the mindset, which changes the life-Set.

The mindset is 90% and 10% action which fuels the actions which lead to results.

6. Thinking that Website/Technical skills is the key to success.

It takes technical and design skills to build a money-making online business, something many lack. By joining the team, members get ‘done for you’ turnkey websites and ready-made ‘plug & play’ traffic sources to help members succeed faster.

7. Don’t Have Self Value.

How does a doctor become a doctor? the doctor has to first put value in him/herself first which then enables them to become resourceful. Being resourceful gives the right specialised information which then gives a life long skill that will pay for the rest of their lives.

Same thing for a Online Business. Most people mistake this, and rather think that making money instantly is how its done. Wrong. Therefore specialised education/skills is the key that gives life long skills.

8. They Consume More Then Producing.

Getting started online can be very exciting but very tiring at the same time. 97% of the people getting started online suffer from Consuming which results in no action or producing activities. The goal must be to produce more than consume.

Joshi says the best and fastest way to become a producer and not a consumer is to focus on Income producing activities. Elimination of distractions increases focus.

Dhani Joshi says that he now wants people to finally have hope in their quest to create passive income online.

Mr Joshi has launched his very own coaching/mentoring company “Exclusive Online Business Mentorship” to carry on the legacy that instills, empowers and educates ordinary people into savvy business men and women.

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