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A Guide to Customizing Your Event Tickets

In this way, an event ticket can act as an advertisement for your company and may increase the chances of your visitors attending further events that you host.

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Event Ticket Printing by
Event Ticket Printing by

An event ticket can make your prospective visitors set their own expectations for the experience they will have at the event. Be that as it may, an event ticket can be more than just a tool to help people gain entry to an occurrence. After all, people like to keep the event tickets as memorabilia for memorable and successful events. In this way, an event ticket can act as an advertisement for your company and may increase the chances of your visitors attending further events that you host.
However, you will need to pay attention to the design and the quality of the event tickets in order to enjoy such benefits. A cheap event tickets marketing plan can be advantageous for your business. It can actually improve the conversions rates for your company in the long term.
Increasing Business through Event Tickets
As mentioned before, visitors to your events are likely to hold on to your tickets if the event was a resounding success and memorable. Your event tickets, thus, act as promotional tools later. In the future, when one of those visitors is looking to purchase items that are similar to what your company sells, they will be more likely to make purchases from your company.
They will have remembered the fact that your company was the one which sponsored that incredible event which they had attended. The event ticket that they had kept safely kept reminding them of the company that sponsored the event. Whenever these people take out the event ticket to show it to an acquaintance or for other purposes, they will see the name of the company and subconsciously remember it.
However, it is very unlikely that the visitors will be willing to hang on to event tickets that are boring or common. In order to create an event ticket that is truly unique and amazing, you will have to give the requisite attention to the creation and printing process.
The Content of the Event Ticket
The event ticket will of course have a lot of information printed on it. You may already know what information you need to put on an event ticket. Nonetheless, you should create a list so that you do not miss out anything during the design process. The possible pieces of content that can be placed on an event ticket are as follows.

  • The name of the event.
  • The name of the company or companies sponsoring the event along with the respective company logos.
  • The timings of the event.
  • The date of the event.
  • The venue of the event.
  • The contact information.
  • The purpose of the event.
  • A unique identifier for each event ticket.
  • The number of people allowed entry to the event with a single ticket.
  • Any restriction that applies to the entry of individuals such as age or dress restrictions.
  • The seat number associated with the ticket at the event.
  • The names of the areas which the ticket allows access to.

These details are extremely crucial and needs to be present in every event ticket. There are other bits of details that you can include but they are by no means necessary. You may include them if you feel they are suitable for your particular event.
  • The names of the most important or famous people who will appear at the event.
  • A short list of the different programs that will occur during the event.
  • The highlight program of the event.
  • The website for the event or the company.
  • The tagline, if any, of the event.
  • A map outlining the location of the venue with respect to the surrounding area.
  • A visual guide to the seating arrangement of the event. This is especially required in large venues.

These pieces of information can be easily printed on the reverse side of the event tickets.
Tips for Creating Event Tickets Printing
  • Select the size of the event ticket first. You will need to define the size specifications of the event ticket so that you will know where to place the different text and graphic items for the maximum impact.
  • The shape of the ticket. A simple rectangular shape is common for event tickets but you can go for variations in this design such as curved edges.
  • Implement the die cut printing technique to create interesting variations with the basic rectangular shape of the event ticket.
  • Decide if you want perforations in your event tickets or not. A small part of the event ticket can be cut off to show entry to the event. This can help preserve the main design on the stub that remains with the attendee.
  • Consider the paper stock that you are going to use for the event tickets. If you are going to use perforated edges in the event tickets then a thicker stock will be more beneficial.
  • Select one image to serve as the centerpiece of the design. The image needs to be related to the event. You may even use typography with the event name and other details to create interesting patterns instead of using a photograph.
  • Make sure the color scheme of the event ticket is pleasing to the eyes. There is no need to use multiple colors if a few can be used to create an a esthetically pleasing design.
  • You should keep in mind the difference between the RGB and the CMYK color modes. Ensure that the design is done in the CMYK color mode for the best possible visual impact after printing.
  • The font chosen for the tickets should be legible enough to be read with ease. They should also match the theme of the event.
  • You should avoid using more than two sizes and two kinds of fonts. Additionally, ensure that a visual hierarchy is maintained when placing text items of different font sizes.
  • Ensure that your event ticket has enough blank space in either white or another suitable solid color. This will provide a break which can improve the overall impact.

If you feel that designing the event ticket is too much for you to handle alone, you should not be afraid to hire a graphic artist for the task.

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