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The leading article submission site,, discusses how to draw your readers in to your website through article marketing, all by writing a good and catchy title.


(York 11 October 2012) You have to admit that the first thing that will attract your attention when reading anything in print is the title. It will be the one thing that you go back to and most likely to remember. Barraged by all the headlines that we see on a daily basis, today discusses how you can get your headline to stand out and make your article pull in traffic to your website.

The article marketers, give the following example to illustrate what they really mean by a great title: “Be Empowered! Eat Chocolate with Breakfast. ” This is actually an article about literature, but you have to admit that it certainly captures the imagination,” says the article submission site.  So what can we learn from this when writing articles and syndicating them on the web? Well according to here are a few indicators:

The title will be what makes the reader choose this article over another. This reflects how crucially important the title of your article is. An article can be breathtakingly beautifully written and  full of insightful observations. The article can flawlessly teach the reader how to do something absolutely essential, something that will really improve the reader’s life once applied. But if the title is lacklustre, boring, or not descriptive enough, then chances are that readers will overlook the article in favor of another that does have a captivating title, even if that article is not as well written. The quality is what gets the article published in the first place, and the quality holds a person’s attention once he starts reading the article, but it is really the title that ropes a person into the reading the article in the first place. The good news is that if your article is already high quality, then it just takes a little bit more time and energy to come up with a captivating title. Here’s a few tips from the article marketers on how to get your title to reach out and pull in the traffic.

  1. The title has to grab the reader’s attention or curiosity in some way.
  2. Make a title that really reflects what the article is about, even if it’s in a creative way, like in the class title I told you about.
  3. Tell the benefit that the reader will get from reading your article. In the title I told you about, there were actually two benefits. The first was that you would be empowered, and the second was that you could do so by eating chocolate for breakfast. This title went above and beyond on the benefits, but try to at least include one benefit in your title.
  4. The example title should be very action oriented, and you may wish to experiment with that in your own titles. The first part was an enthusiastic command “Be empowered!”. The second part was another command “Eat chocolate with breakfast”.

“When we do article marketing here at, our end goal is to get more traffic to your websites. Therefore by writing a good title is a really easy thing that you can do to increase the people viewing the articles, and therefore the number of potential people reading your resource box and clicking the link to your website.”

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