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So often we focus on the benefits of getting your article published on a website, but did you know that when you submit your article via an article submission site, it can also be picked up by ezine editors?


(York Thursday 23 August 2012) When trying to get noticed on the internet is becoming increasingly difficult, it is always worthwhile to consider ezine publishers too., the article distribution site, explained that an ezine is a newsletter that you receive via email. Ezines usually contain one or two informational articles on the topic of the ezine. Sometimes the editors write all the content them themselves, but many times the ezine editor chooses to get at least part of his or her content from free reprint articles. When ezine editors choose to publish your free reprint article in a newsletter, they go by the same rules that online publishers do–they must reprint the article exactly as it is written, and they must include your resource box with an active link.

So what exactly are the advantages of doing this? Well the article marketers state there are several. People who are subscribed to a newsletter are self-selected–they decided that they were interested in that particular topic, and they decided to sign up to receive content related to that topic. You end up being put in direct contact with the people who you want to get in touch with.

It is also common to see a spike in traffic state the article submission site, people will tend to read the ezine on the day it arrives or a few days later. If your article is published in the ezine, then the newsletter subscribers will be doing a lot of clicking through from your resource box over the course of a few days.

Now, how much traffic you get from the ezine depends on a few things, including how many subscribers it has. If the newsletter has 50,000 subscribers, then the potential click throughs are staggering. Even if the newsletter has a smaller readership, it can still be amazing to get that burst of extra traffic, no matter how much it is.It is important to bear in mind that this traffic spike from an ezine publication is temporary.

Think about how big the internet is and how much content is competing for people’s attention. With that in mind, it makes it all the more valuable to have your article directly sent to a person in your target market via a newsletter. Newsletters are of limited length–there are just a few articles in a newsletter. When someone opens that newsletter, there is a very good chance that they will read your article. If they read your article, there’s a good chance that they’ll click the link in your resource box and visit your website.

So previously you may have been focusing all of your attention on getting published on websites without realizing that there are different types of publishers that can benefit your website in different ways. Certainly, getting your quality article published on article directories, blogs, and other websites is crucial to your article marketing success, as it impacts your website’s search engine ranking and can help you garner a dramatic increase in referrals from Google and the other search engines.

Getting published in an ezine offers different advantages that are welcome additions to the ones you receive from getting published on websites state

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