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Teradata Automates and Simplifies Analytical Ecosystem Management


Synchronized and streamlined data warehouse environment drives faster business value

SAN DIEGO, California — Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data solutions company, today announced the Teradata® Analytical Ecosystem. This comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, and services enables different Teradata systems to seamlessly work together to deliver analytics and greater insight to users so they can anticipate business opportunities and deliver faster business value. The newest enabler of the portfolio, Teradata® Unity™, synchronizes and unifies a company’s entire Teradata Analytical Ecosystem.

The Teradata Analytical Ecosystem
As companies gather, store, and analyze more data from a growing number of sources, they quickly realize that not all data is equal. Some data supports mission-critical applications and must have continuous availability. Other data may be time-sensitive, with very high value within the first few hours that diminishes over time. Still, other data may require very little access, but it must be retained for historical purposes or to meet regulatory requirements.

To address these needs, companies are building complete analytical ecosystems from their Teradata platforms, augmenting their Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse with one, or more, special purpose Teradata systems. By doing so, companies are optimizing the price, performance, value, and availability characteristics of the data to the platform and creating a very efficient and powerful analytical ecosystem. Key enablers of the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem include the following:


• Teradata Unity – the latest Teradata product which provides query routing and database synchronization across Teradata systems
• Teradata Data Mover – offers intelligent data movement between Teradata systems
• Teradata Multi-System Manager – complete monitoring of the entire ecosystem through sophisticated analysis of components, processes, and data
• Teradata Viewpoint - anytime, anywhere, simplified administration with a zero-client footprint
• Teradata Database - the most advanced, yet easiest and lowest cost to use database on the market for data warehousing


• Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family - designed from the ground-up to specifically support a businesses’ data warehousing and analytic needs
• Teradata Backup, Archive, and Restore – comprehensive products and services to ensure the data warehouse is protected
• Teradata Services – help plan, design, and implement the data warehouse environment, while providing one-stop 24x7 support

These key enablers work together to transform a multi-system environment into a simplified, robust, intelligent, and orchestrated analytical ecosystem that optimizes the company’s investment and supports the business. The Teradata Analytical Ecosystem encompasses the entire Teradata data warehouse environment. It links with the extract, transform and load (ETL) processes to move data from source systems into the Teradata decision-making environment, and then into the business intelligence (BI) systems that deliver reports to end users.

Examples of how companies are employing the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem include the following:
• A large North American bank uses a customer-facing web application that must run continuously, without interruption, providing 24x7 service to its customers. This is achieved by employing a second system, called a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, which works closely with the primary integrated data warehouse to deliver high availability and make failovers invisible to users.
• A leading U.S. retailer augmented their Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse with a second Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse to perform historical reporting and trend analysis, and to maintain a disaster recovery solution. This architectural approach to workload optimization provides customers more value by allowing them to select the member of the Teradata platform family within the analytical ecosystem that is best-suited to evolving workload demands.
• A major European financial institution employs a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance to meet the needs of a division located on another continent, while also using a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and a Teradata Extreme Data Appliance in the U.S. to house their historical data. Meeting specific regional or divisional needs is a challenge many companies face. To address this, businesses often choose to augment their primary Teradata integrated data warehouse with a second Teradata system.

“Teradata has a long history of providing exceptionally manageable data warehouse platforms and solutions,” said Richard Winter, president, WinterCorp, an independent expert in large scale data management. “The new Teradata Analytical Ecosystem portfolio applies that manageability to a larger arena. Now Teradata has products and services to help the customer deploy multiple analytic data platforms, each optimized for a different type of data or workload, while increasingly managing the whole as one integral environment.”

Teradata Unity
“Teradata Unity simplifies management of our customers’ Teradata Analytical Ecosystem; it aligns and efficiently manages all Teradata products. It keeps data and databases synchronized across systems, maintains high availability, intelligently routes users and queries between them, and even transparently resubmits a user’s query to an alternate system should the primary system be offline,” said Scott Gnau, president Teradata Labs, Teradata Corporation.”

Teradata is enhancing the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem with its new Teradata Unity product. Teradata Unity is powerful software that links data warehouse components together and delivers intelligent query management in addition to data and database synchronization across the Teradata Analytic Ecosystem. It works with all members of the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family and is posi¬tioned to assist organizations engaging in high-availability and disaster recovery ini¬tiatives, as well as workload optimization across systems.

Teradata Unity seamlessly routes users between Teradata systems based on where the needed data resides. When more than one Teradata System contains the needed data, Teradata Unity intelligently routes the query based on processing resource availability to maximize system utilization. This intelligent routing ensures access for business users and low-maintenance for system administrators. As a result, customers can benefit from a synchronized and unified analytical ecosystem. Teradata Unity is the software framework that is the foundation for delivering new features, which will further enhance automation and management of the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem.

To further automate management of the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem, Teradata Unity keeps databases in synchronization by automatically applying database changes, such as adding or removing tables and performing data updates to multiple systems at once. This provides a benefit to the data warehouse staff by eliminating redundant work.

Teradata Unity also improves the experience of data warehouse end users. Should their queries fail due to a system outage, Teradata Unity will automatically resubmit those failed queries to an alternate Teradata system, which can also satisfy the query. This automated process removes the burden from end users of having to resubmit queries giving them a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Teradata Unity brings together all parts of the data warehouse environment into a coordinated, synchronized, and orchestrated Teradata Analytical Ecosystem.

The Teradata Analytical Ecosystem Management portfolio is currently available. Teradata Unity is now available in the Americas and will be available in global markets by end of the year.

About Teradata

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