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Nick Ansell Asks “Are There Legal Real Work From Home Jobs?”


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20th August 2009 Adelaide, South Australia
Self employed concreter Nick Ansell sets his sights firmly on discovering his true potential.

An ever present buzz is circulating world wide as the work from home industry is fast becoming the most preferred choice of the decade. Everyday people from all types of backgrounds are slowly being drawn to this type of alternative because of mounting financial pressure, ever restricting employment, and the ongoing diminishment of traditional job opportunities.

Self employed concrete contractor Nick Ansell has been experiencing first hand the transition to the work from home industry and has set his sights firmly on discovering his true potential.

“Yes I have been working as an independent marketing consultant now for the last 4 months“, says Nick. “ I was so keen at first and got easily mislead a few times and lost a bit of money for sure. But I soon came to realise that that’s the name of the game and you have to take responsibility for that and learn from it. Some people in this industry will just be after the money and others will be in it for the long run and that’s fine with me because I’m in it for the long run . I clearly understand the long term benefits that this type of work produces. I want a better future for my family and I believe this is the way I can achieve that”.

One of the negatives that has spurned from the industry has been the hundreds if not thousands of false and misleading opportunities that have seen many people lose a lot of money only to line the pockets of those who are doing the misleading which has begged the question, are there legal real work from home jobs, or is all this just make believe hype, Nick explains,

“Yes there certainly are a lot of hyped up promises out there and I believe that the average person is always going to find that out first before they find what works. I think that’s just the nature of the beast and the luck of the draw. I also think it’s very important to know what you are really in this for. If you only see the money then those that just throw money claims at you are going to draw you in easily, and if you do not want to work for your money then those who claim that they do all the work for you are going to get you too. Its all relevant to what you really want. But don’t expect anyone else to give it to you. There are legal real work from home jobs out there but your not mentally geared up to see them. The real sustainable opportunities cost real money, take real time and take real work but reap the greatest rewards on many levels and that is what I focus on.

As the industry continues to swallow up well over ninety percent of the people who pursue it, it is still crystal clear that the breath taking ’ $112 billion’ generated in direct sales alone will continue to draw many more people for many more years to come, and with so many becoming increasingly aware of the perceived nature of this business, another question arising is what kind of values could carry on through the industry in the years to come, Nick goes on to say,

“ I used to work for my uncle doing sales for his security company. I could not relate to the cut throat nature of it all. It felt wrong. I’m not saying that you should be spineless, but I think any business that requires you to lie, cheat or steal to get ahead is wrong. What happened to helping people and being genuine and honest. My Uncles business was just one in an army of the survival of the fittest. Unfortunately some of the most powerful business’s in the world are the pinnacle of this method. So one day I just got up and left because I just couldn‘t take it anymore. It was not my business and there was nothing I could do about it. I was not cut out to be the lying snake in the grass that he expected to be. Negativity breeds negativity and the opposite applies. Yes there are a lot of snakes in the home business industry but I think that’s a dying trend. Ultimately those who help others first and foremost will come out on top, I firmly believe that. Now it is so exciting because I am able to show people my value without having to worry about the outside influence of others because I am creating my own destiny by being myself in service to others and people appreciate that. I feel gratitude and I know people can see that in me and I believe this is where the industry is going.”

So with the economy still looking very ordinary and the rise of a new empire taking it may not be a matter of if but more a matter of when to seek for your own unique portion of what could be called the event of the new beginning of business, online business.

And as the gap between the rich and the poor increases it seems now would be as good a time as any to find your place in a top online business opportunity.

Nick says, “I am so glad I decided to believe in the change because I proceeded to change and that added value to me far greater than I previously thought was possible, and now all I have to do is live by it so that others may see the value I have.”

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