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Einstein Is Mentoring You MLM Network


MLM companies are full of advisors, mentors, teachers, and “gurus”. They always seem to have the winning formula, the latest secret or discovery to achieve super personal and financial “success”. But what would happen if the MLM industry as a whole could be pushed into a different dimension? What might be achievable if tested principles and beliefs from the elite in other disciplines such as science, literature, art, are promoted and integrated into our activity? What incredible heights could we reach in our networking universe if we stopped repeating the same old concepts and instead embraced the lessons learned in these other activities and asked fresh and sassy questions in search of a new vision?
Aspiring to reach new heights requires looking for different and innovative places to start. One of these places is to use the wisdom of others to try to understand where we are at present. Bear with me for a moment while we explore the mastermind of Albert Einstein! I am sure you are asking yourself at this point, “What does Albert Einstein have to do with MLM mentoring?” You might just be surprised.
Consider Einstein’s quote, “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” Now, hold on a minute, aren’t we always preaching about becoming successful… and so where is the logic here for us?
The word “success” in the modern sense is defined as “…the attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like.” ”‘Values” on the other hand, can be explained as “...the embodiment of what individuals and organizations stand for.” Examples of values are: integrity, reliability, accountability, honour, possession of high ethical standards, professionalism, care, teamwork, unity of principles, and others.
The first and most important thing to understand is that contrary to popular opinion, Network Marketing is not a business of selling products and recruiting others to sell for you. A network Marketer who understands the pure essence of this is someone who recognizes that she or he has embarked in the carrier of becoming a mentor, a teacher and adviser.
We see this person as someone who has a long-vision and strives to become a genuine expert in mentoring people. After months and years of hard work and ongoing sacrifice and honest, painful self assessment, they become trampolines where new recruits will hopefully be projected to new personal heights. The company and the products they represent are just the vehicle that allows him/her coach people and make a living from it.
Now ask yourself the following question: In the long term, in an MLM organization, who do you think will achieve better results, the individual who is doing everything to attain “personal wealth, position and honours…” or the one who excels by showing values like …care for others, teamwork, mentoring qualities, genuine want to help his or her down line, integrity, and honesty?.
Einstein showed us one path, the challenge is to identify what drives you, what are your real pursuits? I leave this question to you as this is something only you can answer.
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