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Content Policy

WebWire will not distribute news releases or press releases that include “hard sale” wording or where the content resembles the structure commonly used in Internet spam techniques (examples: “Make Money Online”, “Loose Weight Fast”, “Buy Cheap Medications”, etc.).

Submissions that solicit participation in multi-level-marketing (MLM) efforts, or conveying monetary promises based upon investment of time or money, among other conveyances (typically “work at home” scenarios) will face additional scrutiny, and may be precluded from WebWire as well.

Submissions that violate this content policy will be presented within the customer's user interface as content that is not approved, with an ability for the customer to edit the release to make it compliant with this policy.

All submissions to WebWire:

  1. Must be truthful and not misrepresent the truth.
  2. Must be written in the "third person" and configured like a news story.
  3. Must contain accurate contact information (active telephone number and email account).
  4. Cannot include "advertising" or "hard sell" language such as "Opportunity of a lifetime …" or "Call this number to learn more …". And cannot speak to the reader by including phrases such as "By doing this you will get that …" or "Are you in need of …".
  5. Cannot convey negative language toward a company, product, person, service, event, socio-economic or ethnic group, among others.
  6. Must be written in proper English, including complete sentences and paragraphs with emphasis on good grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and sentence structure.
  7. Cannot be a unilateral statement of opinion or fact. It must be news with some semblance of balance.
  8. Cannot include statements conveying fact unless the determinant (the person or organization who reached the fact) is credited. Statements of fact should read: "According to the XYZ foundation, eating paper is not a good nutritional option …".
  9. Cannot contain an excessive number of links or refer to websites that encourage illegal activities, dubious commercial endeavors, or that look like an advertisement.

Submissions to WebWire may not include the promotion of, or the linking to:

The content must be unique, and cannot be a simple modification of a template.

WebWire records and maintains IP addresses. Any attempt to use falsified information, including names, phone numbers, addresses or content, may result in legal action.

If your release identifies a business and/or a personal relationship with an organization, individual or event (public or private), and this association is false or misleading; please be aware that WebWire will freely assist in any and all investigations dealing with this issue. In other words, you are responsible for the content you submit to WebWire, so please convey the truth, and communicate in a manner that is without ambiguity as it concerns your association with others.