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Why Web 2.0 is important for creating a new website


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Why Web 2.0 is important for creating a new website

Why is web 2.0 important? In a nut shell, during the early years of the internet, everything was a mess, blinking huge red text saying ďclick on me!Ē There wasnít real structure in regards to the tables and frames being used, navigation links were in the strangest places. Web 1.0 was the beginning, now flash forward to the present and we have web 2.0 with more structure and formatting with fewer columns, typically two.

Web 2.0 is a current trend utilizing any combination of colors: red, yellow, green and blue. Colors provoke a certain response or stimuli from the brain. Red is an attention grabber, blue is calming and inviting. Perhaps this is why sites like use blue because it relaxes the brain and is a good community color. The top navigation has a distinguishable separate color from the center or bottom. Some websites will add a light grey at the bottom footer where you find site map copyright text and your standard links for navigating your website. Below is a sample of the top color different from the rest of the website.

Web 2.0 uses Bigger Text!

The text has increased because the size of resolution on users computer has changed. There is no longer a need to strain when reading text. Twitterís sign up page is a great example of web 2.0 text, even the form boxes are bigger and very easy to see where to place your text.
Nice size button in Green

Shiny Links are popular too, here is an example:
Even tabs are shiny. Check out Apples shiny tab

Web 2.0 Fonts

New 2.0 fonts: Foco, Tondo, FF Netto, Estilo, FF Unit Rounded, VAG Rounded Frankfurter Medium, Bryant Bold Alt Bryant Medium, Arial Rounded Bold , Bell Gothic Black, Helvetica Rounded Bold, Cocon Bold, Alternate Gothic, Hoefler, Klavika, and many others

Web 2.0 is not just limited to design concepts, but allows a website to become interactive at the hand of the user. Many websites have scripts set up that allow you to give your feedback or vote if you agree with the authorís views or another member of the website.


Traditionally, scripts can sit on your server or there are services out there that will offer you to add comments, forums or reviews via an API. Many web 2.0 sites offer APIís where you can tap into their content. Many people will start using these APIís more often in the future and we will talk more about that in the next Blog. I believe Web 3.0 will become a part of the next evolution of the web, no more scripts residing on your server and you (webmaster) will be able to tab into other users from other websites sharing the same APIís. Imagine having 100 users at your site and you added a forum script via an API from a big community website. When your 100 users enter, they can chat with thousands of real users from other websites sharing the API.

With, I want to set up an API that will atomically blast each post to Twitter when a user posts a new posting. This is another example of the power of APIís. By doing this, Google will also index all tweets and not to mention other Twitter sites scraping my tweets and adding them to their website, also helping to send traffic to the new posts at

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS feeds and receive notifications of that Web pageís updates is also part of web 2.0 sharing information vie XML Language. On many World NEWS sites you can find RSS Feeds to stay current with NEWS updates. You can access these feeds through IGoogle, most email services like gmail, yahoo and iphone.

I will discuss soon where I think the web 3.0 is heading, how it will effect the internet and how we do business in the future.


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