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Health Insurance Group Makes Anti-Health Propaganda


ALERT-- The Swift boat attack’s are back. This time they are shooting at health care. This evil force is planning a 30 minute TV Blitz to ‘swift boat’ health care reform. Florida health insurance web says they have brought out the big guns against us; be warned.

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Jacksonville, Fl -- Some very bad people want the health care system to stay the way it is. They like it so much, that they will do anything to stop the presidents’ new health care package. As a matter of fact the opponents are stepping up their plan with a propaganda filled half hour TV special against health care reform.

Morgan Moran, a health insurance broker said the group behind the ads is called “Conservatives for Patients Rights” - their thirty-minute video will feature actors from the United Kingdom and Canada who will be discussing “horror stories” at the evil hands of their country’s government run health care system. Morgan said, “This falls right in line with the attack groups plan, to scare you away from national healthcare”.

In a dark smoky room they came up with a plan to keep health care prices high, and care poor. They hired the Swift boaters group, and gave them three objectives: 1) TO SCARE YOU. 2) TO CONFUSE YOU. 3) & TO DISTORT THE PRESIDENTS MESSAGE. They hope to do all three starting this Sunday.

This “mock-documentary” against health care will air on Sunday, May 31st immediately after NBC’s Meet the Press and nationally on cable networks beginning Wednesday, June 3rd. According to the Florida health insurance news network, "this ’garbage filled drama’ is full of lies about the President’s proposed health care plan. They have hired actor’s and some of the best TV editor’s to trick you into believing health care reform is bad, and the one we have now is great.

Rick Scott is behind this propaganda project. Scott is the former head of the Columbia/HCA health care network, the same Rick Scott who was fired for fraud, created this anti-health care attack. His job of course, is to distort the facts, confuse you, and if possible, make you afraid; very afraid.

Florida health insurance web, a health insurance watchdog group, recommends a name change for the anti-health insurance attack group, the web site said, "Conservatives for Patients’ Rights should be actually be called, ’Rich Health Care Industry Against Human Beings’.

Morgan Moran, a free health insurance consultant said, “This Swift Boat group is against affordable choices and expanded competition for insurance companies.” The broker said, “they think it will mean less money for them, but actually the opposite is true, 50 million new health insurance applicants are expected after the presidents bill passes".

“Legislators are expected to bring down costs and extend health care coverage”. The health insurance broker said the "president wants new health care legislation in the House and Senate by the first week of August and with your help he will get it.

The president has set up a web site location where you can write your own real-life experience of living without health care coverage, or how heath care cost increases have affected your life or your health. “Have you put off getting treatment because you could not afford to go to the doctors? Send President Obama your stories, and he will forward them to Congress and the Senate.”

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COMMENT: A public health insurance option is gaining support in Congress and is backed by the president. If enacted, the plan would create a new, high-quality public health insurance option. You will be able to choose, insurers will have to offer higher quality care for lower prices to compete.

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