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The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone 30,000 Therapy


The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone 30,000 Therapy
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In short, all the things you expect to see in a young body! These include the following, which are all clinically proven to be improved by the presence of increased levels of HGH:

· Decreased body fat
· Increased lean muscle mass
· Wrinkle reduction (increased skin thickness)
· Hair restoration
· Increased sexual function
· Higher energy levels
· Lowered cholesterol
· Improving mood & sleep
· Better brain, vision, and immune function
· Normalized blood pressure

All of these things are controlled to a large extent by levels of growth hormone, and clinical evidence proves that increasing HGH levels through injection therapies is effective in doing this.
Here we’ll outline some of the details on each of these benefits. For more information, look at the following supplement of HGH hormone.

Lower Body Fat
One of the more noticeable benefits of HGH supplementation is lower levels of body fat. One clinical test showed that body fat could be reduced 14.4% in older men who were injected with HGH over a period of 6 months.

But there is more to this story. One of the places where the most effect was had in the belly – where research showed up to a 30% decrease in body fat following two months of treatment by HGH injection.
The going theory is that this hormone can tell the body what it should do with extra fat. It is possible that HGH supplementation is more effective than dieting, because a diet does not cause the change in the body’s hormonal messaging systems.

Lean muscle mass
A researcher by the name of Rudman concluded that in a group of older subjects, men over the age of 60, HGH supplementation resulted in greater muscle mass, even without working out!

Other studies since that time have confirmed that HGH injections have this effect.

One such study, by Franco Salomon in London found that after 6 months of daily injections, muscle mass increased by 10%. These show some of the more dramatic results that have been found as a result of HGH supplementation.

Wrinkle reduction
Rudman’s study also showed results in the area of skin improvement. His research showed an increase of 7.1% in skin thickness, and in so doing, proved the effectiveness of HGH therapy in “improving skin tone”.

HGH has been show to reduce the effects of skin wrinkling “by its ability to stimulate protein synthesis, which leads to higher production of collagen and elastin, two essential skin proteins that form skin’s structure”.

Hair restoration
Possibly one of the most classic signs of aging is the thinning and graying of human hair. HGH treatments have been shown to help restore hair color and even to stimulate new hair growth. In one study of 202 test subjects, hair growth was shown to become thicker and fuller, with 38 people reporting actual new hair growth!

Increased sexual function
Lower interest in sex is another ’plague of aging’ that many people wished they could halt or reverse.
As you may have guessed by now, clinical evidence has again shown that the increase in HGH supplementation gave elderly men “improvements in well-being, enhanced vitality, and increased mental alertness” which is accompanies by other findings that prove improved sexual function was also a result.

Lower cholesterol
It is well known in cholesterol circles that it is the LDL cholesterol that causes all the problems with people suffering from circulatory problems. This increase in LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, is associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

On the other side of the coin is HDL, or the high-density lipoprotein, which is supposed to have the opposite effect, reducing the effects of the LDL, and reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. This is good news, especially considering that testing showed that HGH supplementation helped to raise HDL levels in test subjects. The benefits of HGH simply go on and on!

Improving mood & sleep
Mood, brain function, and sleeping patters are also better when we are young, something that most younger people take for granted. As we age, the wear and tear that has resulted in worn out neurons in the brain and altered hormone cycles gives us a different swing on our moods and ability to get a good nights sleep.
Older people tend to often have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep because they lack the ability to reach ’deep sleep’, which is where the most rejuvenating effects of sleep come into action.
Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland several times throughout the day and night. During the day it helps provide energy and stamina. At night, it shortens the length of time you need to sleep, while improving the quality of the sleep you get.

HGH gives you the ability to rejuvenate faster, like in the body of a young person.

Mood also seems to be affected by HGH levels, as, in the words of two researchers in 2002, with too little HGH “your mental state will sag along with your body, producing negative attitudes, insecurity, fatigue, anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem”.

Sounds like having a young person’s attitude may be truer than we ever realized!

Better brain, vision, and immune function
There is also evidence that HGH improves brain function and memory – not surprising, since these are two things we see go in older folks. A study in New Zealand showed that injection of an HGH metabolite improved some of the damaged neurons in the brain. Other research papers resulted in similar findings.

Elderly person’s loss of sight is another classic sign of age. But again, higher HGH levels in the body were connected to improvements. As we age, the lens in our eyes become less flexible, making it harder for us to see in the dark – some people even get something called ’night blindness’. HGH has been shown to dramatically improve t
Our immune system doesn’t’ work as well as a result of damage to our DNA. It has been noted that “when DNA is not repaired, subsequent cells carry a damaged blueprint, resulting in ongoing symptoms of weakened immunity”. Human growth hormone helps to overcome this problem by improving conditions in the body for faster repair to the DNA, with the end result being a stronger immune system.
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Normalizing blood pressure
This is truly one of the great effects of HGH supplementation. Not only does it help with the systems surrounding the circulatory system, but in the words of two researchers called Hertoghe and Nabet, HGH treatment “lessens anxiety, and provides a feeling of serenity and security,” while at the same time making people “more resistant to stress”.
There can be no doubt at the benefits of increased HGH in the blood stream, and only makes sense that we all do as much as we can to retain and increase our levels of HGH, even if we don’t have access to the injections that gave the results in the testing mentioned above.

Look into a quality supplement like hgh to help provide the body with the components is needs to increase it sown supply of HGH naturally.


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