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Using the Fastin Product for Weight Loss -


The brand name product Fastin has an interesting history. It started as a prescription medication which was withdrawn from the market. Consequently, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Fastin, went to work to find a formula that was as good or better than the original prescription drug. The new Fastin formula uses the power of PEA as the foundation.

PEA (also known by its tongue twisting long name “phenylethylamine”) is a key compound in Fastin and many other weight loss supplements (If you search the Internet for information on this compound by its acronym PEA, you will receive a few hits for pea soup recipes - not the same thing!). PEA is found naturally in the tissues of both plants and animals and has a close chemical relationship to amphetamines and neurotransmitters (brain chemicals responsible for moods). Phenylethylamine is found in high concentrations in cacao, cocoa and chocolate. Many weight loss products contain cacao for this reason, as it acts as an appetite suppressant.

There is no doubt for most people who have tried the Fastin product that it enhances good feelings. The mood-boosting power is the second most-often talked about effect, after weight loss. Most people report that the effect lasts for a long time without a sudden crash, as well, because it metabolizes slowly enough to taper off. Fastin can help you get more out of your workouts because it tends to prevent fatigue, allowing you to work out longer and with more energy.

Diet and exercise are the keys to losing weight. There is no need to struggle with slow results, causing you to lose faith in the process. Adding a diet supplement such as Fastin speeds up your body’s natural weight loss abilities, adding a component to your diet and exercise routine that produces results you can see in a shorter amount of time. The compounds in Fastin encourage your body to burn fat from the moment you start taking it, allowing you to work out for enough weeks to condition your body to burn extra fat on its own. This weight loss supplement acts like a rocket booster until you get your metabolism sped up naturally through diet and exercise.

If you go to your doctor and ask for a prescription for a drug such as Adipex, your doctor will take a complete health history and is ultimately the judge of whether or not a diet pill will help you reach your weight loss goals. If you are comfortable with your medical exam and ask your doctor about the safety of over-the-counter medications, you can take that information home with you and shop for the product that best meets your needs - and probably save a significant amount of money when you buy Fastin instead of a prescription.

Researching Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals on the Internet is a great place to gather a lot of information from the comfort of your own home. Before you choose the weight loss product you will add to your diet program, talk to a qualified doctor or nutritionist to discuss the risks, benefits, and side effects before putting anything into your body.

If you decide you would like to try Fastin for weight loss, the recommended dosage is no more than four tablets daily. Because it contains caffeine, taking it with certain prescription drugs, additional caffeine or other diet supplements may cause anxiety or other health problems. Its stimulating effects may make it hard to sleep, so don’t take it in the evening. The Fastin product is available through our website, your one-stop-shop for everything you need to round out your diet and exercise program.


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