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Harris Corporation Demonstrates Commitment to End-to-End Digital Radio Solutions at NAB2006


Advances in digital and analog technology from studio to transmitter solidify company’s position as industry’s premier supplier of professional radio equipment.

CINCINNATI, February 6, 2006 — Harris Corporation’s (NYSE: HRS) Broadcast Communications Division brings a wealth of new solutions for the domestic and international broadcasting community to NAB2006 (April 24-27, Las Vegas Convention Center). Harris will showcase its leadership in end-to-end solutions for digital and analog radio from the studio to the transmitter, including all connectivity in between.

Harris is the only radio supplier to support the three major digital radio standards (HD Radio™, DRM and DAB), and will unveil a new, specially priced range of HD Radio transmitters at NAB2006. The company also will highlight its broad range of product solutions and strategies for multicasting — a benefit of the HD Radio standard that allows FM stations to broadcast supplementary program channels alongside its main HD Radio program service. Harris completes its end-to-end radio offering with an array of studio consoles and audio networking systems for markets of all sizes, new IP-based STL connectivity solutions, and new developments in IP-based monitoring and interactive text display software.

The migration to Generation 3, or “Exgine,” multicasting technology has placed crucial components at the studio, providing more flexibility for the radio broadcaster than the alternative transmitter site location. “Harris has developed technology that splits the exporter from the exciter and moves it back to the studio. This is an enormous development for HD Radio and multicasting,” said Bob Hensler, vice president of engineering, Colorado Public Radio. Hensler recently installed the first FLEXSTAR™ HDX-FM exciter in HD Radio at KVOD-FM in Denver. “The HDX-FM’s multiple outputs and inputs are unique to radio and crucial for high-level signal splitting. We can now use one HDX-FM for our analog and digital transmissions, where separate analog and digital exciters would previously have been required.”

“Harris continues to advance digital radio globally by supplying transmission systems for the worldwide market,” said Debra Huttenburg, vice president and general manager of Harris Broadcast Division’s Radio Broadcast Systems business unit. “In the U.S., multicasting technology continues to evolve, with Harris’ FLEXSTAR™ family of HD Radio products allowing broadcasters to more efficiently design their multicast transmission systems. Furthermore, Harris continues to bolster its support of smaller-to-medium market stations with its introduction of a new value-oriented transmitter line and a range of studio networking systems and consoles that specifically meet the requirements of these stations. And while digital radio is a large focus, Harris continues to innovate for analog broadcasting worldwide, offering a range of transmission, connectivity and studio solutions that support analog today and offer clear, simple upgrade paths to digital.”

Harris Radio Broadcast Systems will showcase the following solutions at NAB2006:

FLEXSTAR™ Range of HD Radio Solutions. The FLEXSTAR™ HDX-FM exciter, the third component in the growing FLEXSTAR™ family of HD Radio products, will have its NAB debut. The exciter breaks new ground by offering the most advanced, real-time adaptive correction technology in radio. It can be seen with the FLEXSTAR™ HDI-100 importer, HDE-100 exporter, and Z-Series FM transmitter as part of a continuous HD Radio Exgine multicasting demonstration. The company also will introduce FLEXSTAR™ BoostPro, which allows stations to operate multiple transmitters from a single HDX-FM exciter.
ZX low-power FM Transmitter. Based on Harris’ Z-Series of transmitters, the ZX low-power transmitter features the most successful FM amplifier design in the industry. The cost-efficient ZX transmitter is available in 500-, 1000- and 2000-watt power levels for analog broadcasting. Upgrades to HD Radio are achieved when driven by the FLEXSTAR™ HDX-FM exciter, either as a hybrid analog/digital system or in digital-only mode.
Intraplex® NetXpress™. The next generation in Harris’ Intraplex® line of reliable transport solutions, NetXpress™ is a managed networking platform that can send multiple services, including audio, data, and PBX phone communications, over a single IP connection. New features such as echo cancellation, PBX phone system links, T1/E1 circuit emulation, and forward error correction offer attractive new benefits for radio stations considering a transition to IP-based STL connectivity.
Value-Priced Consoles. Harris’ new range of value-priced consoles includes on-air and studio audio networking solutions for small market stations or larger multi-station facilities with satellite studios. The Harris PR&E VistaMax™ Envoy offers simpler, less complex VistaMax™-like networking solutions, while the Harris PR&E NetWave™ on-air console offers affordable, reliable, high-quality digital radio for smaller on-air studios. NetWave™ is available as a standalone console or with VistaMax™ connectivity.
VistaMax™ Audio Networking. A vast range of Harris PR&E VistaMax networked products for medium-to-large market facilities, including the BMXdigital™ and RMXdigital™ on-air radio consoles. VistaMax™ networking systems are ideal for sharing content among multiple studios. Smaller market stations and larger markets with less complex frame requirements for newsroom or similar applications can take advantage of the new cost-efficient VistaMax™ Envoy system.
3DX™ “Direct Digital Drive” High-Power AM Transmission. Harris’ Direct Digital Drive technology improves signal linearity by driving each internal power amplifier module with low-level signals, eliminating the RF driver stage to conserve energy and reduce complexity — ultimately reducing operational costs. Harris 3DX-50 (50 kW) and 3DX-100 (100 kW) transmitters can serve as building blocks for higher-power 3DX transmitters in international markets for the ultimate quality in analog AM broadcasting. Upgrades to HD Radio and DRM standards are also supported.
DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). Harris will provide an ongoing, live digital audio demonstration of the DAX™1 AM transmitter with a DRM modulator and content server. Harris’ DRM On-Air Upgrade Kit supports digital radio upgrades in international regions that adopt the DRM standard.
DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Harris will augment its support of the international DAB standard, also referred to as Eureka 147, with a showcase of its DAB transmitter range. Harris DAB transmitters support DAB multicasting as well as the DMB (Digital Mobile Broadcasting) standard, for broadcasters who wish to transmit video and data services in addition to digital audio.
MasterLinkIP™. A flexible, IP-based monitoring system ideal for broadcasters with a large network of distant stations or translators, MasterLinkIP™ allows broadcasters to perform confidence monitoring and share resources over the public Internet. The system also can be used as a cost-efficient RPU or STL solution, linking audio across multiple sites over IP.
ManDLS Display Test System. Harris will show its ManDLS system for the first time at NAB2006. ManDLS allows broadcasters to increase revenue through creative advertising and other advanced text display formats that go far beyond the basic artist/title capability of the Radio Display System (RDS). This results in a faster return on investment for stations as they convert to HD Radio.
Day Sequerra HD Radio Monitors. Day Sequerra’s M2 and M4 models are designed to deliver the highest quality monitoring of HD Radio and analog AM and FM signals. Harris, the exclusive re-seller of both models, will demodulate HD Radio signals with the M2 and M4 at the booth.
About Harris Corporation
Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. With headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, the company has annual sales of over $3 billion and more than 13,000 employees — including 5,500 engineers and scientists — dedicated to the development of best-in-class assured communications™ products, systems, and services. The company’s operating divisions serve markets for government communications, RF communications, broadcast communications, and microwave communications. Additional information about Harris Corporation is available at

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