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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle


If you want to lose weight, get fit and have a sexy toned physique the safest and fastest way possible without having to use expensive and dangerous pills, you should consider the professional slimming secrets revealed in the hugely popular diet program called: Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (or BFFM for short) which is an ebook by Tom Venuto.

This book is available for download and has become one of the all-time best selling weight loss programs. The author, Tom Venuto, is a natural body builder, personal trainer and nutritionist so he know what he’s talking about and has the body to prove it. The PDF ebook contains the truth of all his dieting and fat burning secrets that he has accumulated from world class fitness models and the top natural bodybuilding experts.

As with any fat loss program that actually “works”, the program does require a little effort and discipline as well as a few changes to your diet that my review has uncovered. If you can handle this small fact of weight loss, then this program has “everything” you need to reverse obesity and shrink your stomach, butt or thighs or all of the above.

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The most important concept to understand when trying to lose excess pounds is to make sure you lose maximum fat tissue fast and not water or muscle mass. This is why “fad and crash” diets appear to work at the beginning, but all you lose is body liquids and not much actual fat. Burn the fat was created to minimize the loss of muscles and burning as much body fat as possible. They also drastically reduce your metabolism, which means you will burn fat at a slower rate when you start eating normally again. This also leads to the dreaded Yo-Yo effect.

According to Tom, you need to understand and work with your metabolism if you want to burn the maximum amount of fatty tissue rather than trying to trick it with dangerous starvation diets. You will be told why extreme diets such as Atkins, south beach and low calorie diets hurt you in the long run and what lessons you can learn from them and which foods are the most important.

The first part of the book is considered the most important, because it deals with the mental side of losing weight. You will be shown how to create powerful and realistic goals for the short and long term. You are then taught how to properly measure your body fat percentage so that you know exactly how much fat you lose on the program.

Even though you may weigh the same as the week before, you may have more body mass because of extra muscle that you have grown. Your health and energy levels will have quickly risen too. You need to check and see how much FAT you’ve burnt off.

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The next part of the ebook deals with all the types of foods and the science of nutrition. You will learn everything including how much protein you need, macro-nutrients and the different types of fats, including the saturated kind and the “good” fats, which can actually aid the body as it burns off fat. Other important topics of interest include carbohydrates (glucose), calories and supplements. The ebook will help you to make the very best food choices.

The book doesn’t have just one simple diet to follow. It provides you with all of the weight loss skills you need to create your own eating and exercise program that suits your lifestyle. One of the most insightful areas of the book is the part on meal frequency. This secret alone can help some overweight people get to their desired weight and is worth the cost of the ebook.

The last sections of the ebook cover exercise in great detail. You will be taught how to properly do cardio exercises such as running to raise your heart rate as well as weight training using barbells or dumbbells to build muscle mass that burns fat continuously. You will be shown an entire workout routine which you can easily adjust for your own body type and personal needs and goals. If you think you have what it takes, there’s even an advanced workout that’s the ultimate fat burner and will take your weight loss to the extremes of intensity.

I would consider this manual to be the “total” weight loss solution. It covers all of the important areas of fat loss. At 341 pages it’s not a quick read, but it’s based on science and what really works in the real world. If there’s a secret to losing weight and hardcore fitness tip anywhere to be found, it is somewhere within the pages of this “weight loss bible”. The information can completely transform your body within just a couple weeks.

Tom Venuto is a reputable man and sells his program through the Clickbank system so your purchase of BFFM is guaranteed and honor every single refund request. This means you really have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out free for 60 days except for that ugly body fat. The program is definitely not a scam. If you want proof, visit his website and check out his lean body photo, he has the physique and fitness of a professional bodybuilder or just have a look at all the positive reviews his guide has received.

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