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Fred Schwartz, Team Synergy made the Freedom 3000 2x2 Matrix Go Viral…


Hi, Fred & Lia Schwartz here…
Founders of Team Synergy!

Freedom 3000 #1 Cycler...Team Synergy Is Dominating Freedom 3000 With Our Automated Enrollment For Newbie’s. The Latest Numbers Are Out! Team Synergy has 17 Teammates in the Top 20! How Powerful Is That? Over all no one is even in the Same Arena!

We work multiple income streams online and offline like most successful teams. 2009 seems to be the year of the Matrix. With the River of people coming online daily looking for ways to make money from home. We are always looking for Simple systems so we can help newbie’s hit the ground running and help them get into profit mode fast!

But even with simple systems it’s hard for newbie’s to duplicate and convert. They fail because they can’t compete with seasoned marketers and they don’t have huge budgets to drive traffic to there website.

Most of our new enrollees don’t want to brand themselves or even have to talk with anyone! They just want to work a simple system that’s duplicable and not have to be out front of it!

Myself and other team leaders from our offline gifting team have been beta testing our Automated Enrollment System designed so anyone will be able to convert in any system. The conversion rates are off the charts. The objective is to work our offline Marketing so everyone has access to Hard Hitting traffic that converts.

So coupling that with our team leaders handling all your prospects for you and a 2x2 Simple follow me Matrix we can all have fun!

We’re having great success with the infinity 800 2x2 follow me Matrix. Our team created a MASSIVE chain reaction generating massive cycling for all our teammates. The spill under is out of control. At only a $260 price point the results still have me in shock!
Spitting out $540 Dollars every time it cycles it really has gone Viral.

So when I was approached by one of the founders of Freedom 3000 I was really exited to find out that it has a little higher price point but perfect for the market place. Every time you cycle it pays a cool $3000 Dollars. All for only a one time $1200 Dollars.

Needless to say I can’t get the smile off my face. Infinity 800 with a one time $260 Dollars. Lia and I have now have cycled 41 times! That’s $22,140.00 Dollars from a one time $260 Dollar investment. Never in a million years would I have believed it would turn into a snowball like it has. The Leverage from our team is amazing!

So when the opportunity of Freedom 3000 came along, just do the Math! That’s why I can’t stop smiling. Wow

The Freedom 3000 2x2 Matrix is the Most Powerful Viral Online Opportunity Ever Created... It’s designed for Newbie’s and Experienced Marketers. It’s the first true Auto Pilot System with No Selling. They have professional closers handle all the selling and telling.

The Freedom 3000 2x2 follow me Matrix uses your one Time Payment of $1,200 and Will Spit Out Non – Stop Multiple Payments of $3,000 to YOU, Weekly or Even DAILY! All on Total Auto Pilot...

Freedom 3000 2x2 Follow me Matrix Creates MASSIVE Synergy and Team Work!
It’s a Dynamic, Fast-Moving 2x2 Follow Your Sponsor Cycler! $3,000 Over and Over again for a One-Time out of Pocket Cost of Only $1,200. It’s designed so Newbie’s and Novices can hit the ground running!

People are really Resonating with how Simple this Concept is and how many People are truly looking for a Simple way to Generate Cash flow from Home while Really,
Tangibly Helping other People!

And they are also Starting to do some Simple Math... and the bottom line is that it’s NOT hard to Cycle Here. There is a Lot of leverage!

In most Programs or “Biz Ops” You are ALL ALONE and YOU have to make Dozens of sales all the time just to make some $$... and it doesn’t Stop... if you’re Not Selling... you’re Not Earning...

This one is so different!!!

You bring in two People and you all of a Sudden TRIPLE your Leverage. THREE People working for the Same Cause... And then they find Two... and you REALLY start to Gain Some Velocity... You don’t have to kill Yourself Here... It’s FUN... It’s EASY... And it’s really Rewarding to be MATERIALLY Helping others along the way and Spreading that Energy to other People...

Your Matrix just Keeps Cycling Over and Over again! Perpetual Cycling for Life...
Keep in Mind this is a One Time $1,200 dollars with No Monthly Fees! In this Economy it’s a Perfect Price Point! I’m Really Excited about it’s Fast Growth! and The Math get’s Crazy fast!

Are You Ready to Make a Big Change in Your Life? Here is what we will provide you to ensure your Success... We have a Turn-Key Marketing System that is Complete with
Everything You need to be a Huge Success in The Freedom 3000 2x2 Matrix...

Freedom 3000 has total plug and play co-ops and Marketing campaigns. Plus you get the MASSIVE Power of our Team Marketing. My wife Lia handles all the HARD HITTING
Offline laser targeted campaigns. You get the POWER of our team witch is 191 Strong and growing daily!

Folks Don’t Over Think this No Brainer...

It’s Time for You to Jump Aboard and Start Earning $3,000 Over and Over again in this Dynamic, Fast-Moving 2x2 Follow Your Sponsor Cycler. $3,000 Over and Over Again for a One-Time out of Pocket Cost of only $1,200.

There is Nothing left to Really Plug holes in… The Math Works... The System is in Place... It’s already Proven to Spin out Commissions with each little 2x2 that gets filled...

If You keep this REALLLY SIMPLE, you’ll SUCCEED MASSIVELY to put into Motion one of the Biggest Chain Reactions you Have ever Been involved in that will Positively Impact MANY Families... The Matrix Keeps Cycling for LIFE!

There it is…

A SIMPLE WAY for YOU to Generate $3,000 again and again with LEVERAGE and While Helping Many others set forth a Chain Reaction that will put lots of Money in Lots of Family’s Pockets.

I Sure Hope you Factor Yourself into the Positive end of this Equation... Jump All Over this and Go Make some Good Things Happen...

Freedom 3000

Infinity 800…

Create a Great Day!

Fred & Lia Schwartz
Founders of Team Synergy…

P.S. I Love a brand new year! “We’re ”Bringing it in 2009"... Make sure you Put your Running Shoes on if your GOING to Keep up with Us and Have Some Fun Helping a Ton of People All along the Way...

Team Synergy… People helping People & Families helping Families Prosper…


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