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Acne Free in 3 Days


This is a review of the popular pimple treatment known as Acne Free in 3 Days by Chris Gibson.

This method has a scientifically valid and proven approach, having been used successfully on tens of thousands of acne sufferers from all around the globe.

This home remedy for zits and acne breakouts was created to not only treat, but cure the biggest causes of acne. Together, they are a “dirty” colon and a specific parasite known as candida. These two problems usually go hand-in-hand, meaning that if you have one, you are likely to also suffer from the other.

The three day program is basically a mini-detox that absolutely anyone can follow. It’s actually a very easy way to deal with the 2 problems we mentioned earlier at the same time. Later on below, I’ll go into a little more detail about each one and how they can cause acne and horrible cysts.

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A brief overview of the ebook

The ebook comes as a convenient instant online download. The first part of the book covers the authors personal acne journey and how he came to discover the three day plan that the rest of the book discusses.

The plan itself is covered in only a few pages, and is therefore very simple but powerful. There is, however, an advanced section for those people who have very severe acne and need a little extra help. The program is reported to work on over 90% of people who use it. The most important thing to remember is that your purchase is always protected with a no-questions asked guarantee.

So What Causes Acne?

Here’s some medical research to back up the claims.

The first is Candida Albicans (otherwise known as a Yeast Infection) and is usually found inside our intestines.

These nasty little bugs create chemicals called mycotoxins (metabolic by-products) that are actually quite toxic to the human body. If there are too many of these toxins floating around in the body they are known to cause all kinds of problems including infections, allergic reactions, cysts and acne.

Almost everyone has a small amount of candida within their bodies. If your body becomes overloaded or depressed from excess toxins, hormonal issues or other factors such as poor diet, then the candida can grow and spread rapidly which can cause many health problems. This is why acne is often a huge problem with adolescent teenagers and pregnant women.

Have you ever used antibiotics? These types of drugs kill the “good bacteria” that is in your colon such as acidophilus that would normally help to regulate the levels of candida. When you stop taking the antibiotics, candida can grow back but in larger numbers that are able to cause serious health problems.

Another reason why people get candida over-growths is from a congested colon. The candida thrives and hides in pockets of old, dry and trapped fecal matter. To see a picture of what this toxic waste looks like click on the link below:

Picture of old fecal matter taken from a colon:

Some medical researchers believe that as much as 90% of all diseases are directly related to a dirty colon. Some people have been found to have up to 25 pounds of foul, slimey and putrefied fecal matter in their intestines while the average person is said to have between 4 & 25 pounds of accumulated waste collected over the years. Maintaining good internal health is extremely important for your overall health and well being.

One of the best ways to clean out your colon is by colon cleansing. You are shown how to do this easily at home with the Acne Free in 3 Day program. It requires only a few certain foods to assist the cleansing of your body. As the 3 day diet is a mini-detox, it will help to clean out all the “junk” inside your bowels that has collected over the years. This is where candida loves to live and thrive!

To download Acne Free in 3 Days right now, visit:

What is wrong with most of the other pimple products currently on the market?

Your skin is delicate and something you need to take care of. A lot of products for zits and blackheads contain all sorts of harsh and toxic chemicals. Also the biggest thing these products have in common is that they were designed to only treat the symptoms of acne. They were never intended to actually cure the problem, but merely try to minimize the condition so that you would have to continually purchase their products.

Do you want to buy anti-bacterial creams to reduce the severity and redness of your acne or do you permanently fix the problem and eliminate future breakouts?

To conclude, the program is not a scam. It will work for most people, but unfortunately, for a small percentage of people it won’t. Some people have acne and cysts due to severe conditions or problems that are often very rare and can only be treated by a dermatologist or doctor.

It is also possible to repeat the 3 day program several times because sometimes one time isn’t quite enough. You will have to wait a couple of weeks before repeating though as mentioned in the ebook. This is generally for those who get good results and less breakouts the first time but not a complete cure.

If you suffer from acne, I highly recommend that you take back your confidence and grab yourself a copy of the ebook and give the 3 day program a go as soon as possible. You really have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

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