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Caralluma Fimbriata Targets the Brain for Weight Loss


While Caralluma fimbriata sits on the FDA dockets for approval as a weight loss supplement, many find that caralluma burn, now patented, is safe and effective for weight loss. Caralluma targets the hypothalamus in the brain, suppressing appetite, with no side effects.

In India, caralluma fimbriata is part of a regular diet, and has been used by tribesman for centuries to deter hunger during hunts. Caralluma fimbriata is a cactus, and the patented weight loss supplements use the cactus extracts, tapping into the natural benefits of the caralluma cactus, a member of the Asclepiadaceae plant family.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone says caralluma burn makes sense for weight loss, calling it “without a doubt one of the best strategies for losing weight”. Caralluma blocks fat formation. Caralluma burn contains pregnane glycosides. Pregnane glycosides increase metabolic activity, muscle mass and provide energy to the body, without dangerous stimulation found in other weight loss products. You can view Dr. Perricone’s video at

Thus far, two clinical, and three toxicology trials have been performed, testing caralluma fimbriata. The results show that caralluma burn supplements are safe for weight loss, when taken at the recommended dosage.

Weight loss is difficult. Researchers continue to search for weight loss supplements. So far, the quest has been difficult, to say the least. Weight loss supplements that target the brain are currently in the research limelight.

The latest research finds that leptin is a major player in controlling appetite. Leptin signals the brain to control hunger. Fat cells cause abnormal signaling of the leptin pathway, making it impossible for obese people to lose weight because of constant hunger, a problem known as leptin resistance. Caralluma burn targets the brain, bypassing the problem. Researchers are looking for pharmaceuticals that can also restore normal signals to the brain, aiding in weight loss. Caralluma burn does that naturally.

How Caralluma Burn Works on the Brain

Animal models given caralluma fimbriata showed increased serotonin levels, a hormone that signals the cortex of the brain to tell the body it has had enough to eat.

Pregnane glycosides in caralluma fimbriata are believed to signal the hypothalamus of the brain, our hunger center. When pregnane glycosides tell the hypothalamus we are satisfied from eating, cravings for food no longer are a problem. Hunger cravings are a major deterrent for weight loss.

Weight loss Associated with Caralluma Burn

In one of two clinical trials, performed in California at the Western Geriatric Research Institute, twenty-six overweight people were studied. Nineteen were given the active compound in caralluma. More than sixty percent of the participants lost six pounds or more, over a four- week period.

Caralluma Research and Safety

A study review from Dr. Harry Preuss, a Georgetown University Professor,concludes:

“I believe that Caralluma fimbriata is safe to consume at recommended doses based on the following:

1.The cactus has been in the food chain of India for years and has not been associated with any significant adverse side effects.

2.Caralluma fimbriata is listed in the Wealth of India as a famine food and by various individuals on the internet as a safe-to-consume food

3.Various testimonials by doctors and scientists confirm to its safety.

4.Testimonial by individuals who regularly consume the product describe its safety

5.The daily dose of the extract contains the same concentration of ingredients as commonly eaten daily in the raw vegetable

6.A study to determine LD50 did not disclose toxicity, and it was reported that the LD50 exceeded 5g/kg

7.Two clinical studies composed of 44 individuals consuming the extract failed to reveal any significant adverse events.” (1)

If you are searching for a safe way to lose weight, without the worry of side effects and safety issues associated with weight loss supplements, you may want to try Caralluma burn. Caralluma does not promise huge amounts of weight loss, but it can curb hunger and jumpstart your weight loss efforts.

Remember that exercise is still important for weight loss and overall health. Dietary changes are also necessary for weight loss success. Speak with your healthcare provider, and see if Caralluma burn, combined with exercise and a healthy diet might work for you.


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