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Financially 2009 will be Disastrous, but Need it Be?


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill

2008 was the worst year for investors since the Great Depression. Those of us in the market suffered for sure; others, over-extended with credit card debt and mortgages have been foreclosed, those unhappy people who lost their jobs are left wondering what happened. Do not imagine for a moment that 2009 will be all sweetness and light. On the contrary, most astute experts are convinced the situation will get significantly worse before it gets better, “It will be a rough, rough ride” says Robert Reich, author of best seller “Supercapitalism”, Harvard professor and US Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration.

Most will simply shrug and say “ain’t life awful”; hunker down and wait for “them” to solve the problem. As we saw from the 2008 experience, “they” have no more idea than we do, except they have billions to throw at the problem and hope for the best! Will Obama fare better, eventually, but not overnight?

The converse is also true. In a time of difficulty, certain people, especially those who are proactive, innovative and self-reliant look for their own solutions to the financial challenges. As one example, it is predicted that 2009 is going to be a boom year for people who have chosen to work from home on Internet businesses to create financial security and wealth for themselves and their families. Already the fruits of their initiative are showing with the steady increase of newly minted Internet business millionaires. No one, regardless of age, sex or ethnic background, is denied this opportunity!

Choosing the right Internet business is a challenge, as there are many more scams and half-baked businesses than outstanding successes. You have to know what to look for or you too will be a victim of fraudsters.

Two complementary examples of successful Internet businesses that stand out are Wealth Masters (WMI) and Carbon Copy Pro (CCP) which is WMI’s marketing arm. WMI is in the in the business of educating people about all aspects of their money, how to make it grow and how to preserve it. Most of us don’t have a clue what to do with our money, our taxes, or our investments and simply bumble along from pay check to pay check hoping to keep our creditors at bay.

Those of us with money to invest normally use so-called financial advisers. Unfortunately, they simply follow prescribed corporate policy (written or unwritten) some of which are highly dubious as millions of unsuspecting people can attest. WMI benefits not at all from its clients financial successes. There is absolutely NO conflict of interest. WMI simply provides the very best financial resources available to its members and helps them choose what is best for them personally. WMI has developed various entry levels and methods of helping people to learn about their money and at the same time teach them how to make a lot more. CCP is in the business of marketing education. It gives you the tools to sell WMI to others looking for opportunities and make a lot of money doing so. Its goal is to have 100 millionaires by 2012. It has 6 all ready.

Both businesses have grown exponentially. Smart people quickly see their worth. The businesses are largely “turnkey” but both are constantly improving their systems and methodology to make it easier to start making a lot of money quickly while learning how to keep that money and make it grow.

In summary, WMI provides educational resources in finance, investing, and money management. CCP provides marketing education to help members sell memberships in both companies to others who want to be responsible for themselves and their families and make a lot of money doing so.

For certain, members of WMI and CCP will not be looking for government handouts in 2009. Rather they will be among the few who will thrive, and grow rich, happy and prosperous.


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill

The author, Michael Brooke, has advanced degrees (M.A. Ph.D) in Adult Education from the University of Toronto and has a special interest in efforts to educate people in investing, finance and money-management. He is a happy member of both WMI and CCP. His retirement has become more financially stable and a lot more fun since joining these stellar companies


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