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Why Russian Women Make The Best Wives


Russian women--do they really make the best wives? Should an American (or western) man be interested in finding out more about these wonderful women? I am asked quite often by my new male clients why we believe the answers to the above questions is a loud and clear YES!

The first reason why Russian women make the best wives is because they tend to have very traditional values. This is a phrase that can mean different things to different people. It does not mean that she will be a virgin on her wedding night. It does mean that she will highly value the idea of being a wife and mother. In fact, this may be the totality of her dreams, and she may be very happy in these roles alone.

Secondly, a lot of these women from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) are highly educated, with at least some knowledge of a second--or even third--language. Many men have it in their minds that it will be very difficult due to talk and communicate with an FSU woman because of the “language barrier.” This is simply not true...provided they are at least willing to make an effort.

The Russian woman will go to great lengths to make sure she always looks her best. She wants to appear beautiful and feminine and feel like a woman. Her culture prides and respects this in women. This attitude is also a very traditional attitude; probably the same one held by your mother or grandmother. She will also be in great physical shape, typically walking 1-2 miles every day (usually in high heels). This is very different than in America, where women go out in public without hair brushed, make-up or even changing out of her pajamas--this would embarrass an FSU woman to tears!

Many Russian wives are shocked at seeing all of this when they first come to the USA. They may even receive a lot of dirty looks from other jealous American women. It causes a lot of resentment when an American woman sees a foreigner whose ideas and appearance goes against all of the typical feminist values she has been taught! Here is a woman who wants to look beautiful because it makes her feel good when a man looks at her, when she knows that her husband also takes pride in how she looks and takes care of and carries herself in public.

The women of the FSU have also become some of the most adaptable women in the world. This is probably no surprise after having survived many years living in a Communist society. She has probably seen difficult times and is not afraid of hardship as long as she knows there is someone by her side that she can trust and count on. She knows how to stretch a dollar and make something out of nothing. Because of this experience she has learned to value not the outside and materialistic aspects of life, but things like inner beauty, friendship and love. This is a woman who will love you for who you are on the inside, not for what you have.

Today, the attitudes of many westerners is totally opposed to this type of outlook. Many women today have been so totally influenced by a feminist culture that they do not even want a husband. They seem to think that even though they are women they should strive to “overcome” their nature and indeed become like men. That it somehow weakness to even admit that they want to have a husband and family. So, instead they bury themselves in work and think that by having a successful business or career they will achieve a measure of happiness. Many don’t even care about how they present themselves in public (this is why they feel no problem with wearing pajamas or bathrobes to the store!). Why do women in western countries always seem to be on diets? With over 25% of American women considered to be obese, there is obviously an attitude problem.

A Russian woman makes an incredible wife. The type of woman that most men truly desire, if they allow themselves to be honest. She is a woman who wants to raise a family and will treat them like gold. She will love you for who you are and not want anything in return other than your love, honesty and faithfulness. You can find her in Russia, Ukraine, or the other countries of the Former Soviet Union. I urge you to find out more about this possibility today!


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