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Calls and Puts – Oy Vey or Oh The Joy


I have a relative who is studying the Stock Market. Actually, she is studying for her license to be able help clients at her financial services company. She is spending hours – literally almost all her “free” time studying for her first test. This does leave much time for her family, kids, or for her, but obviously, it will mean an increase in her pay check.

Here’s the interesting thing…she has spent hours (at least 10 or 12 hours) trying to understand “Calls” and “Puts.” I told her about a website that I found recently which explains these two concepts in easy-to-understand English.

She went to the website and was so surprised – what she had spent hours and hours trying understand from a dull, boring economics book was explained to her very simply in just a few minutes. She asked me why this was not as plainly stated in her book; I said, “It’s very simple…the Pros don’t want you to know.” She said, “Oy Vey…”

And…that’s the rub! The Pros have this attitude that they alone are the gatekeepers and they aren’t going to share their knowledge with the public, but if you want to learn about the Market, then the place to go is

This is a great site. First, they have a lot of free information; second, you’re not pressured into buying anything, but, if you do become a member, then you’ll be amazed by all the info you do get – the Free stuff is the proverbial “Tip of the Iceberg!”

Right about now, I should probably give this disclaimer: Professional Stock Market People should go back to their dull, boring economics book. Unless of course, they want to “cheat” and see a video about “Calls” and “Puts” which explains these concepts quite clearly. But then…some of these Market Pros may like the headache. I for one like to study things that don’t give me headaches – something about avoiding pain!

So…if you are like me – you like to study, but you don’t like headaches, then, one more time…the place to go on the World Wide Web is I am no salesman – far from it, but I am very enthusiastic about websites that offer great deals – the biggest bang for the buck. And, this website does it!

I suppose you’re wondering if I’m going to tell you about “Calls” and “Puts.” The answer is no. I don’t have to because this information is Free on the website – you just need to go there and find out for yourself.

And…what about my relative? Well…she is still studying her dull, boring economics book because her company expects her to do so. BUT…she is augmenting her studies by going to to cement in her mind what her dull, boring economics books just can’t seem to explain in easy-to-understand English. She’s a lot happier now – no more Oy Veys!



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