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Fujifilm Expands Eterna Family With The Introduction Of Eterna 400, Eterna 250


New Motion Picture Color Negative Films Bring Enhanced Ability to Render Shadow Detail

VALHALLA, NY, January 12, 2006 – Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., a pioneer in digital imaging products and services is pleased to announce the introduction of three new motion picture color negative films: ETERNA 400 E.I. 400 tungsten-type, ETERNA 250 E.I. 250 tungsten-type and ETERNA 250D daylight-type E.I. 250. The new ETERNA 400, 250 and 250D films join the already proven negative film, ETERNA 500, as the ETERNA family of products continues to incorporate Fujifilm’s proprietary Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology, producing expanded latitude and giving these films the ability to render exceptional shadow detail. The films are characterized by a subtle palette with restrained saturation and exceptionally fine grain. While these new films meet the needs for established optical print production, they are ideally suited to meet the needs of the growing ranks of cinematographers working in Digital Intermediate (DI) production.

“Fujifilm is offering cinematographers the very latest in emulsion technology,” said Mark Murphy, Vice President of Fujifilm’s Motion Picture Products Division. “These new films provide the performance that cinematographers have asked for. Based on these parameters, and the overwhelming success of our already introduced ETERNA 500, we are confident that cinematographers will also eagerly welcome these three new films,” said Murphy.

ETERNA 400, 250 and 250D share the same palette as high-speed ETERNA 500, for seamless intercutting of images as required for many types of motion picture productions. Fujifilm has optimized gradation balance to ensure smooth, natural reproduction of skin tones and grays even when under- or overexposed, making possible a range of atmospheric effects. In addition, the optimized orange mask density and enhanced grain also contribute to improved image quality for film scanning or telecine transfer of images from negative film to videotape.

Features and Benefits of ETERNA400
The features of Fujifilm’s ETERNA400 offer the following benefits for cinematographers:

Enhanced Shadow Detail - The incorporation of Fujifilm’s proprietary technology enhances the ability to render shadow detail. ETERNA400 produces rich blacks with an astonishing amount of detail.

High Speed, With Soft Smooth Gradation - ETERNA400 produces smooth, low-contrast tonality, from bright, clean highlights to deep, dark shadows. Highlights do not bleach out, and the soft tone is preserved over a wide range of exposure conditions.

Restrained Saturation for Subtle, Atmospheric Color- ETERNA400 is characterized by a subtle color pallette with muted saturation. Skin tones in particular are smooth and natural.

Excellent Sharpness- ETERNA400 incorporates Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology, boosting the interlayer effects for enhanced sharpness.

Exceptional Fine Grain - Fujifilm’s technology gives ETERNA400 a combination of high speed and exceptionally fine grain, producing a high-quality finish in a variety of scenes and situations.

Enhanced Telecine Characteristics - Extended linear response and exceptional color balance minimize the need for color adjustment during telecine transfer. The high volume of image data in the shadows facilitates digital processing, expanding the expressive range of commercial, promotional, and other TV work, as well as through the digital intermediate post-production route.

Features and Benefits of ETERNA250 & 250D
The features of Fujifilm’s ETERNA250 & 250D offer the following benefits for cinematographers:

Enhanced Latitude - The incorporation of Fujifilm’s proprietary technology produces expanded latitude, giving ETERNA 250 and 250D enhanced ability to render shadow detail.

Enhanced Gradation Balance - Gradation balance has been adjusted in each of the R, G and B layers, giving ETERNA 250 and 250D smooth, consistent gray balance over a broad range from underexposure to overexposure. This contributes to natural reproduction of both grays and skin tones.

Improved Intercuttability - ETERNA 250 and 250D share the same palette and gradation characteristics as high-speed (E.I. 500) ETERNA 500, for seamless intercutting of images as required for many types of motion picture productions.

Exceptional Grain - Fujifilm’s technology allows these films to effectively boost sensitivity while producing exceptionally fine grain, making ETERNA 250 and 250D the automatic choice for a variety of scenes and situations.

Excellent Sharpness - ETERNA 250 and 250D also incorporate Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology, boosting interlayer effects for enhanced sharpness.

Enhanced Telecine Characteristics - Extended linear response and exceptional color balance facilitate color adjustment during telecine transfer. Optimization of orange mask density enhances scanning characteristics, creating crisp, clear prints.

Technologies Behind the ETERNA Family of Films
Newly developed Super Nano-structured Σ Grain Technology controls the light-sensitive structure of the silver-halide grain to nanoscale, creating extremely fine grain. Photons generated by light are concentrated in the photosensitive nuclear lamina by way of electron accumulators. These grains feature a precise electron accumulator structure that efficiently concentrates photons into a relatively thick latent image. This thickness is engineered to minimize reflections, enhancing sharpness by minimizing light scatter. This technology makes it possible to reduce the volume of the photosensitive grain by approximately 1/3 compared to previous color negative films with the same speed.

Fujifilm’s ETERNA line represents some of the latest applications of the imaging company’s precision thin-layer film coating manufacturing technology. Other products engineered using advances in this process include the films used in LCDs and flat panel displays, advanced photo papers that deliver brilliant color photos with all inkjet printers; DVD media with innovative, proprietary organic dye technology for high transfer speed and capacity; and nano-technology-based enterprise data storage tapes. Today Fujifilm invests more that 1.5 billion dollars in research and development annually – approximately 4.3 million dollars a day.

ETERNA400, ETERNA 250 and ETERNA 250D are now available. Call Fujifilm directly at 1-888-424-3854 to place an order or for pricing information.

About Fujifilm
Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is a subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. and delivers technology solutions to meet the imaging and information needs of retailers, consumers, professionals and business customers. As a global leader in digital imaging, Fujifilm pioneered the development of digital medical systems, and today is the leader in digital minilab systems. The company was ranked number 15 for U.S. patents granted during 2004, employs more than 75,000 people worldwide and in the year ending March 31, 2005, had global revenues of more than $23.6 billion.

In the United States, Fujifilm is a leader in delivering high quality, easy-to-use imaging and information solutions in the following categories: Digital Imaging Systems, Film and Imaging Systems, Recording/Storage Media, Motion Picture Film, Graphic Arts and Printing Systems and Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Systems. Fujifilm is an environmentally friendly, humane enterprise and an exemplary corporate citizen.

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