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5 Tips To That Great Vacation


I donít care whether you are vacationing in Gatlinburg TN, South Beach, Hawaii or in the Rocky Mountains, there are a few tips that everyone must follow to make sure your vacation is memorable and not a waste of money. I think all of us can say that we have had a bad vacation. Typically we can look back over our reservation process of find where we made our mistake and what we will never do again. Or better yet, where will never book or stay again. Most of the time there are just a few things that we can do different to fix those bad vacations.

If you follow these 5 steps, I canít promise there wonít be an emergency or that something small wonít go wrong, but I believe the risks will be greatly reduced.

1.Research, Research, Research Ė I wish I could assume this comes without question, however, you might be surprised how many people just reserve the first thing they look at. Sometimes this might work out if you stumble upon a very reputable company, but normally you are taking a bit of a risk. With the advent of the internet, this process has never been easier. You can look at many sites and companies with out leaving the comfort of your house. Do not be afraid to spend a few hours researching company policies, rates and amenities. After all, this might be your one vacation of the year!

2.Customer Reviews Ė Possibly the most useful feature in regards to finding that perfect vacation rental or destination. With sites like Trip Advisor and Igougo, you find just about any information needed from past guests. I am not talking about a sales representative for the company, but an individual who has actually purchased a service. Nothing becomes more beneficial than this. With that said, some people are out to just bash, so read carefully and find legitimate concerns.

3.Price Matters Ė Not sure anyone wants to here this one. Other than hotels, a lot of vacation properties around the country are managed by a Management Company. They will manage, market and process reservations for individual properties for individual owners. This typically means that price fluctuation is very closely related to what the vacation property is worth. For the most part, the company gets to control the price in comparison to the market, but sometimes property owners can add input. In this market, because nightly rates are directly related to what an owner has in the property, you get what you pay for. If the property is average, purchasing cost might have been low for the owner, so they are willing to settle for a lower nightly price to get a reservation. On the flip side, if cost is high, then nightly rates will probably be higher. Back to number one, I suggest researching and renting from a larger company because they tend to have a better understanding of what a property is worth. I do suggest looking through VRBOís if you are looking for a last minute deal. Night fillers can be heavily discounted. Be sure to read all listed amenities and read the fine print! I am not suggesting that you will not find a deal, but I want you to be educated.

4.Travel Insurance Ė A must for vacationers. It is offered by most large companies and is worth every penny. Especially if you are going to the mountains or to the beach. Snow storms and hurricanes can end a vacation extremely fast. Typically travel insurance is a small fee and can relieve a lot of stress if your vacation is cut short. Most management companies do not refund for weather incidents.

5.Travel During Off Months Ė You can save a great deal of money on most travel destinations during off-month travel. This applies especially to the beach vacations. Sometimes you can save up to 50-60%. I canít promise, but service tends to be better because there are less people to serve.

The above information does not guarantee a great or perfect vacation, but it should help educated you before you trip. This information should help avoid those miserable vacation decisions that we have all invariably made. Sometimes there are emergencies and things break like a hot tub or refrigerator, but if you have a plan, these minor issues can be fixed.

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