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Mind Out For Cheap Modifications in Car Care Week, warns Insurancewide


As drivers turn their attention to the state of their car in Car Care Week 2008, Insurancewide reminds enthusiasts that serious modifications could banish any hope of cheap car insurance once and for all.

ďItís tempting to make a few nifty changes to your motor but donít get revving unless youíre happy to lose your carefully sought out cheap car insurance premium,Ē warns James Harrison, CEO of the insurance comparison website

Although insurers calculate the premium based on many different factors, the condition of the car itself is one of the most important. Car manufacturers work closely with insurers so that a particular model of car can be insured to a standard. If you modify the car, by souping up the engine, for example, then the factors on which a cheap car insurance premium has been based will have changed. Body kits, alloy wheels, suspension upgrades, even having the engine management system chipped are all likely to be classed as modifications.

The bottom line is that pimping your ride could dramatically reduce the number of insurers who are willing to insure you and your vehicle. Not only do you have to pay for the materials to modify your car in the first place, you also have to re-insure it Ė quite a challenge if it no longer meets standard specifications. Cheap car insurance will be a distant memory. Your ínewí car is also likely to more attractive to thieves and therefore a higher risk to insure. And beware: when the novelty of owning your ípimpedí car has worn off, the buying market could be limited and you could struggle to shift it at a reasonable price.
Top tips from Insurancewide for your modified car:

If youíre still keen to pimp your ride, here are some top modification tips:

* The exhaust system must stretch out from the main body of the car. Otherwise poisonous fumes will engulf the car.

* No red lights should be fitted to the front of the vehicle and no blue lights should appear anywhere at all, including the interior.

* Tyres must not stick out from the body of the vehicle; they overload, put strain on the axles and present a danger to pedestrians.

* Donít lower your driving seat too much so that your view through the windscreen is impaired in ANY way.

* No bells or music should replace the standard horn.

* No flamer kits should be fitted.

* Tinted windows should never contain more than a 30% tint and none are allowed at all on the windscreen.

* Laser detectors and jammers are now illegal.

* Donít ever remove catalytic converters.

* Tell your insurer about any planned or recent modifications including any modifications that were made prior to purchase, even if they were carried out at the original dealer.

Before modifying your car, ask your insurer whether a cheap car insurance premium is still remotely possible. Itís unlikely. Resist the temptation not to disclose the thousands of pounds worth of body kit and suspension upgrades you may have had done. Failure to disclose ALL modifications will result in severe disappointment when the insurers refuse to pay out on claims. Think before you modify!



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