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Learn English Faster With Peak Emotion


How can you learn English, or any language, faster?

Students tend to focus on study methods and schools, but most neglect perhaps the most important factor for increasing English learning speed- emotion.

Research by Dr. Stephen Krashen and others finds something amazing- students learn languages faster when they are relaxed, excited, and happy.

The opposite is also true- students learn much more slowly when they feel anxious, bored, or unhappy.

Emotion, it turns out, is a critical component of language learning.

It is therefore imperative that English language students manage their emotional states. Emotional mastery is perhaps the single most important language learning skill. This skill guarantees learning speeds two to four times faster than normal.

The most important aspect of this skill is for students to always be in a “peak emotional state” when studying English. Peak states are intense emotional states of happiness, gratitude, or excitement.

A.J. Hoge, Director of Effortless English Online Learning, recommends the following steps to ensure peak emotional states during every English study session.

1. Choose a favorite exciting, fun, happy song.

2. Play the song before each and every English study session.

3. As this exciting music plays, raise your head. Look up. Change your body. Pull your shoulders back. Stand tall. Then smile. Take deep breaths.

4. Next, move your body. Dance with the music. Keep looking up. Keep smiling. Jump and dance. Feel the happiness and energy from the music.

5. Jump and say loudly, “Yes!”. Say it again, “Yes!”.

6. Next, play an English lesson. As you listen, keep your shoulders back. Keep your eyes up. Keep smiling. In fact, stand up and keep moving. Walk and breathe deeply while listening to the lesson.

7. When you answer questions in English, always answer loudly. Don’t be shy. Shout your answer! Keep your head and eyes up. Keep a big smile on your face as you answer with a loud voice.

8. If you begin to feel tired or bored at any time, pause the lesson. Play your favorite music again and repeat all of these steps. Add more energy to your body and your emotions. Then play the lesson again.

This process, Hoge states, creates a powerful emotional anchor to English. By repeating the process every day, students create an unconscious connection between intense positive emotionals and English learning.

Studies show that students who use this technique consistently improve their English speaking 2-4 times faster.


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