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Wu Yi Tea, an ancient diet tea remedy, is now being used as a modern day weight loss tea


If you haven’t had a look at what’s hot in the weight loss tea area for a while now, then you may not have heard of wu yi tea. The simple fact is that this diet tea has been around for thousands of years and has been helping people maintain their weight and to live healthy, fulfilling lives. The secret behind this wonder supplement is that it naturally stimulates and boosts your metabolism, allowing your body to burn fat as an energy source. Because wu yi tea is natural, there are no harmful side effects from using it, and it will work with your body’s metabolism to produce fast, positive results. You can learn more or purchase wu yi tea from

Chris Tilden from said “Most people who try Wu-Yi tea say they love the taste and how convenient it is. Together with our two expert weight loss manuals, the Wu-Yi System is the newest healthy alternative for fast weight loss. Most diets today require you to count calories as “points” or swallow embarrassingly large, horse-sized pills that are usually all filler. Wu-Yi Tea is not only all-natural, it’s also a 400 year old Chinese weight loss “secret” and that’s one of the reasons why the people of Asia stay so slim! For the first time ever, people across America are experiencing fast, healthy, energy-boosting weight loss like never before!”

Wu Yi tea truly is the answer for anybody who has been struggling with excess weight and searching for an all natural solution that is fast acting, easy to ingest and not too hard on the pocketbook. As to wu yi tea’s history, consider this: lots of the ancient wisdom accumulated in times past is often overlooked in this digital age. However, we should not be so quick to dismiss such ancient wisdom - especially when recent clinical trials back up the medicinal claims about wu yi tea made so famous by Chinese legends. Legend also has it that the ancient tea producers, living mainly in the vicinity of Mount Wu Yi from the Fujian Province sometime during the Qing Dynasty, sourced their fresh leaves from wild tea bushes growing in the mineral rich soil of the region. (The tea was harvested and processed entirely by hand - traditions that began with wu yi tea history and continue to this day). It is said that the ancients noticed that teas brewed from these bushes were very bright, invigorating and flavorful. Somewhere along the way, a grower accidentally allowed a batch of tea to ferment, or oxidize, for a little longer than intended. Rather than throwing out his tea, he decided to brew a pot. He found the cup to be deeply flavorful and exceptionally stimulating. That grower decided to become an entrepreneur, taking his tea discovery to market, where he struck gold and his story went down in wu yi tea history.

Chris Tilden from adds “In terms of safety, there are no stimulants or additives other than a very low level of caffeine in our wu yi tea product (50-70mg/serving), and it should not cause any problems. Although we have never heard of any complications or negative side effects to drinking wu yi tea we are legally required to recommend that you consult your physician first if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, just to be sure. We advise that you drink the tea twice each day. Since it does contain a small amount of caffeine, it is best to drink the tea in the morning or in the afternoon. You are able to drink the tea, either hot or cold, whichever you may prefer. You are able to add a little bit of unrefined sugar or honey to the tea, to alter the taste. When you brew the tea, make it just like any regular cup of tea, allowing it to brew for 2-3 minutes.”

If you have been curious about wu yi tea, or have just been canvassing the diet tea market in general, then you should definitely check out You will find lots of great information about wu yi tea, and can make a purchase and have it delivered securely to your door. Wu yi tea really is the weight loss tea that will help you lose your excess pounds.


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